Assessment Security Selection Model(Publicatie)

With more and more digital assessment options coming at hand, many examination committees are wrestling with the question which tools provide the best security in a particular situation. When should you opt for 'bring your own device’ or online proctoring? To answer these questions SURFnet has developed the Assessment Security Selection Model.

19 APR 2016

Selection model: classification by type and risk of fraud

The selection model (PDF) is based on classification by risk of fraud and importance. For each combination of importance and risk, the model indicates the corresponding security level. The model indicates which of the different methods of assessment (online proctoring, bring your own device and digital assessment rooms) are suitable for each security level (levels 1 to 4) and under which conditions.

For whom

The selection model is intended for all parties involved in digital assessment security within higher or secondary education, such as examination committees and digital assessment policy advisors.

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