Guidelines for digital assessment policy(Publicatie)

More and more institutions are placing digital assessment high on their agendas. However, the introduction of digital assessment is a complex process of change that affects the very heart of education and requires major investments. With these guidelines SURFnet intends to help institutions to prepare and implement a digital assessment policy.

13 JUN 2016

Combined brainpower

An assessment conducted by SURFnet in 2015 showed that only a few institutions were drawing up a digital assessment policy. Although there is a growing need for digital assessment, institutions are unsure of the form the policy should take. As they often already have an assessment policy and an IT policy plan in place, the question posed by these institutions is whether they need to draw up a specific digital assessment policy as well. This is why SURFnet has been working together with various institutions to determine the form that the digital assessment policy could take and how it relates to the other policy documents. These guidelines are the result (PDF).

Aim: to prepare and implement a digital assessment policy

The guidelines are intended for employees who have been tasked with preparing and implementing a digital assessment policy. They set out five steps in the development of the digital assessment policy. Each step includes specific questions and refers to further information to help determine the digital assessment policy.

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