Whitepaper Customised education in 2016(Publicatie)

A large number of institutions harbour the ambition of offering personal and flexible education. In the whitepaper Customised education in 2016, we defined 5 dimensions relate to what the students learn and how they learn. The dimensions could be helpful in developing your own vision.

07 NOV 2016

What is customised education?

Why is customised education needed? What might customised education look like, and what do institutions need to take into consideration when setting it up? In preparing this white paper, we have carried out a large number of interviews and held discussions with representatives from technical colleges, universities and student associations. We have gratefully made use of their insights and practical examples. The different examples allow institutions to learn from each other and show the full bandwidth of the subject.

5 dimensions of how and what students learn

Customised education can take a number of different forms, which can always be defined in 5 dimensions from the student’s perspective. The selected mix of dimensions, along with the breadth of each dimension, leads to customised education for each institution. Two dimensions relate to what the students learn, three to how they learn.

Read more about the five dimensions and the way in which ICT can play a role in achieving customised education in the whitepaper Customised education in 2016.


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