Best practice Researchers at VU, VUmc and UvA share the facilities at the O|2 Lab Building(Publicatie)

Researchers from 3 institutions – Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU), VU University Medical Center Amsterdam (VUmc) and University of Amsterdam (UvA) – are working together in the same building on pioneering scientific research in the field of human life sciences. This working partnership requires collaborative support at ICT level too.

29 JUN 2017

ICT solutions for collaboration

The O|2 Lab Building in Amsterdam is the first building in the Netherlands developed specifically for pioneering scientific research between multiple institutions. Researchers at VU, VUmc and UvA need to be able to work together on human life sciences research in the same building without encountering any obstacles. Although this may sound simple, it actually presents a major challenge in terms of ICT. Read the best practice report to find out which ICT solutions were required to facilitate collaboration between multiple institutions in the same building.

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