Cyber threat assessment 2017(Publicatie)

The cyber threat assessment 2017 is an overview of the most important cyber threats within education, research and business operations of the past year. It gives administrators and security officers in education and research a clear picture of developments on which to focus in order to improve their information security and privacy protection.

22 DEC 2017

Main threats

The cyber threat assessment in 2017 was created based on interviews and research within education and research in the Netherlands. Like last year, some of the threats are considered high risk for education, such as manipulation of digitally stored data and identity fraud. For research, this is the case for obtaining and publishing data and espionage. And for business operations it is acquisition and disclosure of data.

Causes of threats

The 2017 Cyber Threat Assessment also addresses the causes of the threats. The main causes are professional criminals and state actors, vulnerabilities of Internet-of-things devices, vulnerabilities in software and the resilience of employees. Denial-of-service attacks also continue unabated.

Previous versions of the report

SURF publishes a Cyber Threat Assessment every year. Here you can find earlier versions of the Cyber Threat Assessment report 2016 and 2015 (in Dutch only).


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