Decision aid: realising support structures for IT-driven educational innovation(Publicatie)

Insight into the organisation of lecturer support This publication contains 5 points of consideration and 5 choices to make for institutions that want to support lecturers in achieving educational innovation through IT. These are based on interviews with 5 institutions. This decision aid can help institutions make their own choices in realising support structures for educational innovation.

12 APR 2018

Educational innovation is co-creation

A well-considered redesign of education requires time and expertise. It not only requires expertise in the fields of subject content and didactics, but also in the fields of multimedia, animation, design, et cetera. As a result, educational design is increasingly becoming a co-creation process in which different specialisations cooperate. This decision aid (PDF) provides tools how you can support this collaboration of disciplines as a higher education institution.

Points of consideration and choices to make when organising lecturer support

Based on interviews with HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, Saxion University of Applied Sciences, Utrecht University, Erasmus University Rotterdam and Delft University of Technology SURF has distilled five points of consideration and five choices to make for institutions that want to support lecturers in achieving educational innovation through IT. This publication also briefly outlines the advantages and disadvantages of the various choices and makes recommendations based on the experience of the institutions interviewed.

Description of the five cases

Those who want to know in more detail how the interviewed institutions support their lecturers, can delve into the five cases. In each case, we briefly discuss the underlying vision and the context of educational innovation. This is followed by a description of the support. We indicate per institution how they organise the professionalisation of lecturers and knowledge sharing and which corresponding (innovation) budget they allocate. Finally, a lecturer and/or a student speaks about the redesign of education using IT. Please note: the detailed descriptions are only available in Dutch (PDF).

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