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  • Infographic SURF demo environment personal and flexible learning environment download

    Knowledge base - To help institutions develop a flexible and personal learning environment consisting of an integrated set of applications, SURF has developed a pilot environment. In 2017 several suppliers and educational institutions will experiment in this environment. Read the infographic to learn about this pilot environment and what it can do for you.

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    Animated video about sharing education data through the Open Education API download

    Knowledge base - The Open Education API is an open standard for sharing education data. Using this API, data concerning schedules, study spaces, marks and other information can be made easily accessible in a uniform way via apps and other channels. This animated video shows how the Open Education API can be used and how educational institutions can benefit.

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    UvA best practice: Data from various source systems available via the Open Education API in MyUvA app download

    Knowledge base - The ‘MyUvA’ student app combines data from the electronic learning environment, the student information system, the timetabling system and the UvA website. The Open Education API provides access to the data in a clear and organised manner. These data are initially available for use within the UvA and later also for external application developers.

  • Report Automated GOLE service enhancements download

    Knowledge base - This report relates to the automated GOLE demonstration held by SURFnet on SC11, the annual supercomputing conference. GOLE is the abbreviation for GLIF Open Lightpath Exchanges.

  • Report Open flow download

    Knowledge base - This report relates to OpenFLow, a new network technology and an example of Software Defined Networking (SDN). Ronald van der Pol, who works for SARA, describes OpenFlow developments, how it works and what it could mean for SURFnet and its member institutions.