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  • Best practice Researchers at VU, VUmc and UvA share the facilities at the O|2 Lab Building download

    Knowledge base - Researchers from 3 institutions – Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU), VU University Medical Center Amsterdam (VUmc) and University of Amsterdam (UvA) – are working together in the same building on pioneering scientific research in the field of human life sciences. This working partnership requires collaborative support at ICT level too.

  • Whitepaper Cyber Crisis Exercise OZON download

    Knowledge base - The need for cyber crisis exercises in the education and research sector was clearly evident from the national exercise in 2016. The results and recommendations from this exercise have been published in a whitepaper, intended to serve as a guide for (ICT) policymakers and security specialists seeking to organize their own cyber crisis exercise.

  • Cyber Threat Assessment 2016 download

    Knowledge base - In Cyber Threat Assessment 2016 we list the most important cyber threats over the past year within education, research and business. This helps institutions to gain an insight into what is happening in the digital world. It allows them to take the right measures in order to strengthen their defences.

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    Animated video about SURFconext Strong Authentication download

    Knowledge base - In August 2015, SURFconext launched its new functionality 'Strong Authentication', allowing institutions to more effectively secure access to cloud-based services linked to SURFconext. Better security is particularly critical for cloud services handling more sensitive data. Watch the animation about SURFconext Strong Authentication.

  • Report Future of digital identity for SURFnet download

    Knowledge base - SURFnet provides different services related to digital identity, including the flagship SURFconext service which provides identity federation functionality. This report describes what the most potential value-add for SURFnet and its institutions is in this area.

  • Report: Step-up Authentication-as-a-Service download

    Knowledge base - This report is a study of the architectural and procedural aspects of introducing such a service.

  • Report Mobile WAYF and Consent page download

    Knowledge base - A growing number of services in higher education and research use SURFconext as an authentication mechanism. This deliverable consists of a reference to the ‘Where Are You From’ (WAYF) service and a reference to the Consent page, which are both ‘mobile ready’.

  • Report Manual and example of a mobile device ready identity provider download

    Knowledge base - This document contains guidelines for the design and implementation of authentication screens, and an example code for simpleSAMLphp (a broadly used software package for building an identity provider).

  • Report on scouting results on Dynamic Connectivity Technology. download

    Knowledge base - This report discusses the essential elements for dynamic connectivity. The report focuses on the main scientific and technical challenges relating to these essential elements in the context of dynamic lightpath provisioning.