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    Case: Using Jupyter Notebooks in an international summer school download

    Knowledge base - How do you give a group of students simple access to a simulation model used for training, without the need to install software on many different computers? Maarten Krol, professor of Meteorology and Air Quality at Wageningen University, is a big fan of using Jupyter Notebooks on SURFsara HPC infrastructure.

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    Case: UMCs together in the cloud with Office 365 download

    Knowledge base - The University Medical Centres (UMCs) are moving into the cloud, making use of Office 365. The first step is the joint migration to Exchange and SharePoint Online in Office365. This will provide greater service continuity, reduce the effort involved in management activities, and deliver significant financial savings.

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    Article Cloud Management Portals download

    Knowledge base - In this article, Fred Teunissen (trade journal ICT Magazine), explains the importance op Cloud Management Portals, of which SURF's SURFcumulus service is an example.

  • Vision document SURFnet vision on IAA: transition towards a user-centred focus download

    Knowledge base - SURFnet drafted a vision on Identification, Authentication and Authorisation (IAA) in 2016. The aim is to outline the developments in IAA and to invite institutions to discuss this subject. To SURFnet, the vision provides a foundation for innovation and service delivery.

  • Infographic on SURFconext usage 2016 download

    Knowledge base - SURFconext has again grown considerably in 2016. The total number of logins via the service exceeded 68 million, a 29% increase. Again more institutions have joined and the service is being used more intensively. The number of unique users went up by 22% in 2016. This infographic shows all the facts.

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    Case Discovering how consumers feel about brands download

    Knowledge base - PhD candidate Hang-Yee Chan from the Erasmus Research Institute of Management (ERIM) used SURFsara’s HPC Cloud to analyze neuroimaging data. He collected the data when volunteers watched brand logos inside an MRI scanner. “We were able to map out the connection between consumers' brain responses to brand logos and their opinions on those brands.”

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    Best practice SURFfilesender at STC-Group helpdesk download

    Knowledge base - Dutch education and research institutions can use SURFfilesender to send small and large files securely. STC-Group is one of the institutions using SURFfilesender. How does the helpdesk at STC-Group rate their experience of using SURFfilesender? Read the best practice.

  • SURF Framework of Legal Standards for (Cloud) Services download

    Knowledge base - The SURF Legal Standards Framework for (Cloud) Services describes the standards with regard to confidentiality, privacy, property and availability when concluding contracts with (cloud) suppliers. It includes standard provisions and processing agreement that offer institutions a solid basis for contracts with suppliers.

  • Research report Biometrics for strong authentication download

    Knowledge base - SURFconext Strong Authentication uses a number of techniques. SURFnet aims at making this service even more safe and user friendly. Therefore we investigated a number of biometrics techniques. This report will be the starting point for a user test.

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    Case: ICT infrastructure in the cloud with KUBUS download

    Knowledge base - In the SURF cloud project, KUBUS, 6 technical universities are working with SURF to provide IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service). SURF members can purchase ICT facilities such as processors, memory and storage through a shared platform. Cees Plug, Director of ICT at Inholland University of Applied Sciences, is one of the partners in KUBUS.

  • You can manage groups better with a group management application download

    Knowledge base - Increasingly, people are working together in groups. For this reason, it is becoming more important to be able to manage groups simply within an institution. How do you do this, what types of groups are there, actually, and how do you keep it manageable within SURFconext? The ‘Group management’ infographic answers these questions.

  • Infographic: SURFconext utilisation 2015 (Publication) download

    Knowledge base - 2015 was another good year for SURFconext. There are more affiliated institutions and the service is being used more intensively. The number of unique users has increased by 31% over the last year, and the number of logins by 43%. See all the facts in this infographic.

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    Best practice University of Amsterdam: SURFdrive is a valuable addition to other cloud storage services download

    Knowledge base - The University of Amsterdam is a keen user of the secure cloud storage service SURFdrive. What does this service mean for the University of Amsterdam? And what is the cause for the rapid growth in the number of users?

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    Tutorials and quick start manual SURFdrive download

    Knowledge base - SURFdrive is a personal cloud storage service for the Dutch education and research community, offering staff, researchers and students an easy way to store, synchronise and share files in the secure and reliable SURF community cloud. The tutorials help users where needed.

  • Infographic: SURF cloud projects approach download

    Knowledge base - During SURF cloud projects, SURF works together with institutions to develop widely applicable services. The key concepts of SURF's new approach to cloud technology are 'demand-driven' and 'together with early adopters'. In this infographic, the approach used during SURF cloud projects is explained further.