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    Case: UMCs together in the cloud with Office 365 download

    Knowledge base - The University Medical Centres (UMCs) are moving into the cloud, making use of Office 365. The first step is the joint migration to Exchange and SharePoint Online in Office365. This will provide greater service continuity, reduce the effort involved in management activities, and deliver significant financial savings.

  • Vision document SURFnet vision on IAA: transition towards a user-centred focus download

    Knowledge base - SURFnet drafted a vision on Identification, Authentication and Authorisation (IAA) in 2016. The aim is to outline the developments in IAA and to invite institutions to discuss this subject. To SURFnet, the vision provides a foundation for innovation and service delivery.

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    Best practice SURFfilesender at STC-Group helpdesk download

    Knowledge base - Dutch education and research institutions can use SURFfilesender to send small and large files securely. STC-Group is one of the institutions using SURFfilesender. How does the helpdesk at STC-Group rate their experience of using SURFfilesender? Read the best practice.

  • Infographic: SURF cloud projects approach download

    Knowledge base - During SURF cloud projects, SURF works together with institutions to develop widely applicable services. The key concepts of SURF's new approach to cloud technology are 'demand-driven' and 'together with early adopters'. In this infographic, the approach used during SURF cloud projects is explained further.

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    Best practice NHL University of Applied Sciences: App for students download

    Knowledge base - Students of NHL University of Applied Sciences wanted easier access to information such as their own schedules and marks. So they asked their institution to create a mobile app (for Android and iOS) for this purpose. The institution responded by developing an app which also used SURFconext.

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    Best practice: Deltion College is the first senior secondary vocational education (MBO) institution with access to N@tschool via SURFconext download

    Knowledge base - Dutch MBO institutions use the electronic learning environment N@tschool. These institutions want a single connection with SURFconext in order to simplify the login process. saMBO-ICT work together with SURF to realise this collective assignment. Deltion College was the first MBO institution to gain access to N@tschool via SURFconext.

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    Conclusions and results Twist experiment: Maths tests testing environment download

    Knowledge base - The Twist experiment investigated how Sowiso's cloud service can be deployed for supra-institutional access to a database with advanced maths assignments and tests, and the effects of outsourcing the administration to a commercial party. The cloud service proved to be a fully feasible alternative.

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    Conclusions and results of the Question Mark from the cloud experiment download

    Knowledge base - Three education institutions investigated the changes that affect technical management and system administration when an institution makes the switch from Question Mark Perception (QMP) ‘in house’ to QMP in the cloud. This investigation also encompassed the issue of security.

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    Conclusions and results of the ‘Secure testing in the cloud’ experiment download

    Knowledge base - The ‘Secure testing in the cloud’ experiment carried out research to see whether the Leerstation Zorg test environment is secure enough for summative testing. An important conclusion is that the supplier cannot be held solely responsible for security. Institutions themselves are responsible for correctly setting up the test workspaces.

  • Animation Cloud access using SURFconext video

    Knowledge base - In less than 3 minutes we answer the question: how do you, the institution, give your users cloud access in an open, safe and controllable manner?

  • Cloud Times #15 (2013): SURFconext goes international download

    Knowledge base - “The tools of middleware being developed within SURFconext are an important step towards achieving a digital infrastructure environment in which researchers can share information securely.” – Norman Wiseman (lid senior managementteam van JISC)

  • Presentation Using sensors on mobile devices download

    Knowledge base - In this presentation Stefaan Ternier examines the various sensors for mobile devices, such as Near Field Communication and accelerometer.

  • Report Foodle Usability Review download

    Knowledge base - Foodle is a date picker web application that uses federated authentication. SURFnet uses Foodle as a service provider within the SURFconext framework to offer the Foodle service to SURFconext users. This document assesses the usability of Foodle and provides recommendations for improvements.

  • Report Messaging broker in SURFconext download

    Knowledge base - This report presents the results of a proof-of-concept for a Messaging Broker in SURFconext. Individual users can use this Messaging Broker to indicate via which medium they wish to receive SURFconext messages and information about its activities. These messages could previously be viewed in the demonstration portal only.

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    Best practice UrbanFlood: early-warning systems for floods download

    Knowledge base - The tsunami that struck Japan in March 2011 has shown once again that water can be devastating. History shows that water has always been a potential danger. To anticipate floods, research is necessary. Valeria Krzhizhanovskaya researches early-warning systems for floods in the UrbanFlood project.