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    Case: 'Cloudbursting' expands research infrastructure at VUmc download

    Knowledge base - Researchers at the Vrije Universiteit Medical Centre (VUmc) sometimes reach the capacity limits of the private VUmc Research Cloud, which is why it is connected to SURFsara's HPC Cloud. Lightpaths between the Research Cloud and the HPC Cloud provide additional security, reliability, and capacity, and researchers do not even notice the difference.

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    Case: Comprehensive datasets provide insight into causes of schizophrenia download

    Knowledge base - Genetic variants play a major role in the occurrence of psychiatric conditions such as depression, schizophrenia, and autism. Comprehensive data sets and plenty of processing power are needed to map these. Prof. Danielle Posthuma and her research group are therefore making intensive use of the Research Capacity Computing Service (RCCS) at SURFsara.

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    Case: Research into complex algorithms for intelligent search systems download

    Knowledge base - People who see the suggestions for related books/music on and Spotify often don't realise that there are complex algorithms at work behind them. Martha Larson (Radboud University Nijmegen and TU Delft) is conducting research on these algorithms. She looks at the technological capacities and the necessary computing power, as well as privacy.

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    Use cases Life Science Grid download

    Knowledge base - The Life Science Grid (LSG) accommodates life scientists at Dutch universities and medical centers to perform data analysis or other computational work. Your work can vary in scale and type, from occasional analyses up to thousands of production jobs continuously, and on datasets ranging from a few gigabytes to hundreds of terabytes and beyond.

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    Case: Shopping in the virtual supermarket download

    Knowledge base - In a virtual supermarket customers do virtual shopping in a digital environment. This makes it possible to research factors which influence purchasing behaviour, such as price, labelling and location of items. Dr Wilma Waterlander has been working with this research tool for many years. Her aim is to encourage consumers to eat more healthily.

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    Case: Water research in the HPC Cloud download

    Knowledge base - Delft-based IHE (International Institute for Infrastructural Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering) offers Master's degrees and PhD programmes in water management. Students, lecturers and researchers collaborate on projects which require a lot of computing power and storage capacity. Some of them use SURFsara's HPC Cloud for their research.

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    Case: Do genes correlate with socio-economic characteristics? download

    Knowledge base - Many of people's socio-economic characteristics, such as their position in the labour market and their educational attainments, are partly inherited. Genoeconomics seeks to map the relationship between genetic variants and economic choices and outcomes. The researchers use SURFsara's computing systems to process the large genetic datasets.

  • Case: High-speed link with digital test environment via light path download

    Case: High-speed link with digital test environment via light path download

    Knowledge base - More and more educational institutions are using cloud services. The Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen has moved part of its digital test environment to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. The connection uses SURFlichtpaden (optical light paths). Henk Weisbeek, operations coordinator for the University's IT office, explains.

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    Case: IMARES: acoustic data on herring stocks download

    Knowledge base - IMARES is the Dutch institute for applied marine ecological research. It acquires knowledge and gives advice on sustainable management and use of marine and coastal areas. IMARES is mapping fish stocks in the North Sea using acoustic signals. The data is stored with the help of SURFsara's Data Archive service.

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    Case: Machine learning with Apache Spark download

    Knowledge base - Research datasets grow rapidly in size and complexity. This makes it difficult to process or edit them using standard applications and systems. Open source applications such as Hadoop and Apache Spark offer an interesting alternative for data-intensive research. SURFsara has developed a workshop to make this technology accessible.

  • Fine-Tune For A Fortune: Transfer Learning Using DIGITS and GPUs download

    Knowledge base - This poster about using computer graphics technology for machine learning was submitted for the GPU Technology Conference by Valeriu Codreanu, consultant cluster computing at SURFsara. The poster was selected as one of the five top posters. The GPU Technology Conference took place from April 4-7 2016 in Silicon Valley.

  • OpenNaaS-based Networking Solution for DC Automated Management download

    Knowledge base - This article proposes a solution for an OpenNaaS management framework to provide data center administrators with a vendor independent overlay platform. It is intended to simplify the administration of operational functions of SURFsara and achieve a solution easy to deploy, easy to configure and easy to manage.

  • Choosing an open source network controller for a data center network download

    Knowledge base - This report describes tools that automate some aspects of network maintenance. SURFsara wants to select a network controller to allow automatic configuration of the network. The main requirement is security related: to limit each application to only make network changes that are necessary for that application.

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    Conclusions and results e-BioGrid project download

    Knowledge base - The e-BioGrid project aimed to bring the BiG Grid infrastructure closer to researchers in the life sciences in the Netherlands. Thanks in part to e-BioGrid, there is now an active and multifaceted research community within the life sciences. SURFsara has carried on the activities of e-BioGrid since 1 January 2013.

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    Conclusions and results of BiG Grid project download

    Knowledge base - BiG Grid offered Dutch scientific researchers easier access to grid infrastructure, and therefore to High Performance Computing. Developed in a collaboration between NCF, Nikhef and NBIC the project ran from early 2007 until the end of 2012. SURFsara has been responsible for the national e-infrastructure since 2013.