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  • Best practice Researchers at VU, VUmc and UvA share the facilities at the O|2 Lab Building download

    Knowledge base - Researchers from 3 institutions – Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU), VU University Medical Center Amsterdam (VUmc) and University of Amsterdam (UvA) – are working together in the same building on pioneering scientific research in the field of human life sciences. This working partnership requires collaborative support at ICT level too.

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    Case: 'Cloudbursting' expands research infrastructure at VUmc download

    Knowledge base - Researchers at the Vrije Universiteit Medical Centre (VUmc) sometimes reach the capacity limits of the private VUmc Research Cloud, which is why it is connected to SURFsara's HPC Cloud. Lightpaths between the Research Cloud and the HPC Cloud provide additional security, reliability, and capacity, and researchers do not even notice the difference.

  • Infographic The reliable SURFnet network download

    Knowledge base - Continuity is at the heart of the SURFnet network, with every route being implemented in duplicate. Not only that, but all of the equipment we provide to institutions comes with built-in redundancy, and we carry out various measures to safeguard this continuity. Download the infographic.

  • Case: High-speed link with digital test environment via light path download

    Case: High-speed link with digital test environment via light path download

    Knowledge base - More and more educational institutions are using cloud services. The Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen has moved part of its digital test environment to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. The connection uses SURFlichtpaden (optical light paths). Henk Weisbeek, operations coordinator for the University's IT office, explains.

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    Animated video on network function virtualisation (NFV) in a programmable network download

    Knowledge base - SURFnet is investigating the possibilities for network function virtualisation (NFV) in a programmable network – and showing that NFV is already a workable technology. During a demonstration, participants could edit a video image directly using editing features offered as a service by providers in various countries. Watch the animated video.

  • Infographic SURFnet network download

    Knowledge base - This infographic shows facts and figures of the SURFnet network as available for all institutions within or target group.

  • Best practice The Hague University of Applied Sciences: outsourcing a data centre with two MSPs video

    Knowledge base - On SURFnet7, institutions can purchase Multi Service Ports (MSPs), enabling multiple light paths to run via one network port simultaneously. The Hague University of Applied Sciences uses two 10 Gbit/s MSPs to guarantee a secure and continuous connection with the external data centre.

  • Best practice DIFFER: Seamless relocation thanks to light path download

    Knowledge base - The energy research institute DIFFER will relocate from Nieuwegein to Eindhoven this year. In order to make this relocation as easy as possible for the researchers, SURFnet has installed a light path between DIFFER’s old and new sites. This makes it feel as if both sites are on 1 local network. Read the best practice about SURFlichtpaden.

  • Best practice Utrecht University: greater flexibility with the Multi Service Port video

    Knowledge base - SURFnet makes it possible for higher education and research institutions to use multiple light paths simultaneously with the aid of a Multi Service Port (MSP). Utrecht University uses the MSP in order to distribute the available bandwidth flexibly.

  • Best practice RUG: Achieving ambitions with 100 Gbit/s network download

    Knowledge base - The University of Groningen (RUG) has great ambitions in a number of areas of research which work with big data. In addition, researchers are increasingly collaborating with colleagues in the Netherlands and beyond. With the help of the SURFnet/SIDN Campus Challenge, its network capacity was increased to 100 Gbit/s, among other things.

  • Video project eSALSA video

    Knowledge base - In the eSALSA project, an international team is studying the effects of climate change. It uses four interconnected supercomputers. The project won the Enlighten Your Research Global Award. Watch the video to see the results of the eSALSA project.

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    Best practice: Reliable VoIP at lower costs through NetherLight and OneXS download

    Knowledge base - Windesheim University of Applied Sciences created a light path for VoIP to telecom provider OneXS via the NetherLight open light path exchange. Since then, Windesheim has benefitted from reliable VoIP availability at good rates.

  • Final project report GigaPort3 download

    Knowledge base - Under the GigaPort3 innovation programme SURFnet has worked on innovating the network infrastructure and connecting e-infrastructure elements. SURFnet7 is among the projects that have been built under the programme. GigaPort3 had a total budget of EUR 37 million and ran until 2014.

  • Best practice New services feasible with NetherLight connection download

    Knowledge base - Offering new services to an existing client group of universities of applied sciences and research universities, such as cloud-based telephony, hosting environments or a remote back-up service. For Winvision, an ICT service provider, the connection to the NetherLight open light path exchange opened the door to a new package of services.

  • Report Technical Annex Multi Service Port download

    Knowledge base - This report offers technical background information on the Multi Service Port. Furthermore, it explains how bandwidth management works and which types of performance reports are available.