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  • Report Research support in the Netherlands - VUmc download

    Knowledge base - SURF presents a series on how institutions organise their research support . This third episode focuses on VUmc. VUmc wants to provide researchers with as much support as possible by means of standard procedures and services without these limiting researchers’ freedom.

  • Report Research support in the Netherlands - Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen download

    Knowledge base - Many institutions are involved in research support. SURF presents a series on how institutions organise their research support and future agenda and is based on SURF's Support4research innovation project. This second episode focuses on Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen.

  • Report Research support in the Netherlands - Eindhoven University of Technology download

    Knowledge base - Many institutions are involved in research support. SURF presents a series on how institutions organise their research support and future agenda and is based on SURF's Support4research innovation project. This episode focuses on Eindhoven University of Technology.

  • Whitepaper How data can improve the quality of higher education download

    Knowledge base - The Dutch higher education sector is increasingly recognising the potential for the vast volumes of data that it has at its disposal. What opportunities does learning analytics offer? And what challenges are the early adopters facing? This whitepaper describes how data can improve the quality of higher education.

  • OpenNaaS-based Networking Solution for DC Automated Management download

    Knowledge base - This article proposes a solution for an OpenNaaS management framework to provide data center administrators with a vendor independent overlay platform. It is intended to simplify the administration of operational functions of SURFsara and achieve a solution easy to deploy, easy to configure and easy to manage.

  • Choosing an open source network controller for a data center network download

    Knowledge base - This report describes tools that automate some aspects of network maintenance. SURFsara wants to select a network controller to allow automatic configuration of the network. The main requirement is security related: to limit each application to only make network changes that are necessary for that application.

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    Best practice A better understanding of earthquakes using seismic data download

    Knowledge base - KNMI is the home of the European seismology data center of ORFEUS, the Observatories and Research Facilities for European Seismology. In 2014, KNMI/ORFEUS worked with SURFsara for data replication using the B2SAFE service. This has made research data easier to manage and more accessible within European, multidisciplinary research infrastructures.

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    Best practice Newsreader: 1 million articles per day download

    Knowledge base - Extracting the essence of large numbers of new articles is the mission of NewsReader. Project coordinator Prof. Dr. Piek Vossen: “Many articles deal with the same underlying material. Automatic analysis can identify the material or detect the differences between various sources.”

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    Best practice Protein research with grid computing download

    Knowledge base - The European WeNMR research project ( focuses on the structure and properties of proteins. The WeNMR coordinator is Prof. Dr. Alexandre Bonvin, Professor of Computational Structural Biology at Utrecht University. “We give users access to Grid through a web server that hides the complexity.”

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    Best practice Calculating snow transport and accumulation for more efficient roof construction download

    Knowledge base - Binkz is a Canadian firm specialising in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) consulting. One of the services offered at Binkz is an application to calculate snow transport and accumulation. This can be used indirectly to design roofs that are both safe and cost-efficient.

  • Sharing medical research data optimises population research download

    Knowledge base - In order to further optimise neurological population research, Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC), Erasmus University Medical Center Rotterdam (Erasmus MC) and the Delft University of Technology share imaging and other data. The collection, sharing, analysis and visualisation of medical data requires an advanced e-infrastructure.

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    Article New challenges for Dutch science and society download

    Knowledge base - Big Data is changing both science and society. Anwar Osseyran and Wilco Hazeleger, directors of SURFsara and the Netherlands eScience Center respectively, discuss the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

  • Book chapter WS-PGRADE/gUSE-Based Science Gateways in Teaching website

    Knowledge base - SURFsara has offered an Internet-based course on cluster and grid computing with the support of EGI-InSPIRE. A wide range of researchers from various scientific fields learned about best practices on large-scale computing. The book chapter here includes a summary of a particular course section on Workflow Management Systems and Science Gateways.

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    Best practice Two billion tweets used as research materials download

    Knowledge base - What do we twitter about? Which words are used in which location, in which context? For the past year, this information has been publicly available via the website. The SURFsara Hadoop cluster provides computing power and the requisite storage capacity.

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    Best practice Shotgun sequencing offers greater insight into oral hygiene download

    Knowledge base - Most people would fail to associate dentistry with High Performance Computing. However, appearances are deceptive: as of 2006, the technique of sequencing - whereby bacteria are identified on the basis of genetic information - is now widely applied by dentistry researchers.