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  • Infographic SURF demo environment personal and flexible learning environment download

    Knowledge base - To help institutions develop a flexible and personal learning environment consisting of an integrated set of applications, SURF has developed a pilot environment. In 2017 several suppliers and educational institutions will experiment in this environment. Read the infographic to learn about this pilot environment and what it can do for you.

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    Customised education tool download

    Knowledge base - Customised education can take a number of different forms, which can always be defined in 5 dimensions from the student’s perspective. This tool helps you to lead the discussion within your institution around what customised education should look like and why.

  • Whitepaper Customised education in 2016 download

    Knowledge base - A large number of institutions harbour the ambition of offering personal and flexible education. In the whitepaper Customised education in 2016, we defined 5 dimensions relate to what the students learn and how they learn. The dimensions could be helpful in developing your own vision.

  • Paper A flexible and personal learning environment: a modular functional model download

    Knowledge base - The flexible and personal digital learning environment is composed of a number of separate components. What data and functionalities do these components consist of, how are they connected and what standards are required to enable these components to work together in one integrated environment? This paper aims to answer these questions.

  • Infographic The Digital learning environment in the Netherlands anno 2016 download

    Knowledge base - SURFnet asked Dutch educational institutions which services and applications they use to support their educational activities. This provided insight into how institutions design their digital learning environment anno 2016. Institutions were also asked about their future plans.

  • Trend report 2016: how technological trends enable customised education download

    Knowledge base - SURFnet presents the latest trend report, which focuses on the theme of customised education. 44 Dutch experts in the field of education and ICT have sought out technological trends that enable customised education. This trend report describes 13 technological trends that may affect the content and design of education.

  • Thematic issue: From a vision on education to organising the digital learning environment download

    Knowledge base - How do you translate your vision on education into a digital learning environment? On the basis of 6 case studies of institutions that have undergone this process, this issue discusses frequently recurring components of institutions' visions on education and the effect these components have on the organisation of the learning environment.

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    Case: The digital learning environment of the future download

    Knowledge base - Many technical and research universities are reviewing the future of their digital learning environment. SURFnet helps, for example by publishing the report A flexible and personal learning environment. Hans Nederlof (Fontys University of Applied Sciences) talks about the need to upgrade their digital learning environment over the next few years.

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    Animated video about sharing education data through the Open Education API download

    Knowledge base - The Open Education API is an open standard for sharing education data. Using this API, data concerning schedules, study spaces, marks and other information can be made easily accessible in a uniform way via apps and other channels. This animated video shows how the Open Education API can be used and how educational institutions can benefit.

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    UvA best practice: Data from various source systems available via the Open Education API in MyUvA app download

    Knowledge base - The ‘MyUvA’ student app combines data from the electronic learning environment, the student information system, the timetabling system and the UvA website. The Open Education API provides access to the data in a clear and organised manner. These data are initially available for use within the UvA and later also for external application developers.

  • Memorandum: A flexible and personal learning environment. From separate components to a single whole: a survey download

    Knowledge base - Many institutions of higher education are deliberating on the future of their digital learning environment. SURFnet is supporting the institutions in their quest. This memorandum describes the frameworks and components needed for a flexible and personal learning environment, as well as how these components can be integrated.

  • Article Capitalising on the potential of ICT download

    Knowledge base - Christien Bok (SURF) and Marc van Leeuwen (Twynstra Gudde) interviewed 9 Dutch universities and universities for applied sciences on their innovation strategy. They wrote down their findings in an article on how ICT can contribute to innovation of education.

  • Book chapter WS-PGRADE/gUSE-Based Science Gateways in Teaching website

    Knowledge base - SURFsara has offered an Internet-based course on cluster and grid computing with the support of EGI-InSPIRE. A wide range of researchers from various scientific fields learned about best practices on large-scale computing. The book chapter here includes a summary of a particular course section on Workflow Management Systems and Science Gateways.

  • Developments in the digital learning and working environment in higher education download

    Knowledge base - This publication describes 4 themes that are relevant to the digital learning and working environment (DLWE). It gives background information, points of consideration and recommendations and guidelines for how to deal with the changes in the future.

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    Video How can we move beyond recorded lectures? download

    Knowledge base - Clive Young, University College London, talks about the REC:all-project: 'recording and augmenting lectures for learning' during The Education Days 2012.