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  • Whitepaper Cyber Crisis Exercise OZON download

    Knowledge base - The need for cyber crisis exercises in the education and research sector was clearly evident from the national exercise in 2016. The results and recommendations from this exercise have been published in a whitepaper, intended to serve as a guide for (ICT) policymakers and security specialists seeking to organize their own cyber crisis exercise.

  • Manual and script for organising cyber crisis exercises download

    Knowledge base - What to do when you are confronted by a cyber crisis? In 2016, SURF together with 28 organizations held a large-scale exercise, OZON, to develop skills, raise awareness and formulate recommendations. This document shows, based on that experience, how to set up a cyber crisis exercise in your institution: preparation, execution and evaluation.

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    Case: UMCs together in the cloud with Office 365 download

    Knowledge base - The University Medical Centres (UMCs) are moving into the cloud, making use of Office 365. The first step is the joint migration to Exchange and SharePoint Online in Office365. This will provide greater service continuity, reduce the effort involved in management activities, and deliver significant financial savings.

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    Case: Processors agreement clarifies responsibilities in relation to privacy download

    Knowledge base - Educational institutions and their suppliers often process personal data. The laws and regulations governing this are complex and constantly changing – e.g. the obligation that came into force in 2016 to report data leaks. SURF helps institutions with their obligations in this area, e.g. with the provision of a new model processors agreement.

  • Cyber Threat Assessment 2016 download

    Knowledge base - In Cyber Threat Assessment 2016 we list the most important cyber threats over the past year within education, research and business. This helps institutions to gain an insight into what is happening in the digital world. It allows them to take the right measures in order to strengthen their defences.

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    Case: Collaboration on information security in secondary vocational education (MBO) download

    Knowledge base - Because of greater computerisation and digitalisation, information security is of increasing importance to educational institutions. As Hans Doffegnies (Summa College), Chairman of the MBO Taskforce on Information Security and Privacy explains, the MBO sector has achieved a great deal in this field over the past year.

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    FAQ regarding the Framework of Legal Standards for Cloud Services in Higher Education download

    Knowledge base - Read the answers to frequently asked questions regarding the Framework of Legal Standards for Cloud Services in Higher Education.

  • Download publication PDF18.4 MB

    Report Applications of Modern Cryptography download

    Knowledge base - This report relates to cryptography - a secret code or cipher - used, for instance, in electronic trading and electronic payments or electronic access to buildings. It is one of the major cornerstones of internet security.