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  • Vision document SURFnet vision on IAA: transition towards a user-centred focus download

    Knowledge base - SURFnet drafted a vision on Identification, Authentication and Authorisation (IAA) in 2016. The aim is to outline the developments in IAA and to invite institutions to discuss this subject. To SURFnet, the vision provides a foundation for innovation and service delivery.

  • Infographic on SURFconext usage 2016 download

    Knowledge base - SURFconext has again grown considerably in 2016. The total number of logins via the service exceeded 68 million, a 29% increase. Again more institutions have joined and the service is being used more intensively. The number of unique users went up by 22% in 2016. This infographic shows all the facts.

  • Research report Biometrics for strong authentication download

    Knowledge base - SURFconext Strong Authentication uses a number of techniques. SURFnet aims at making this service even more safe and user friendly. Therefore we investigated a number of biometrics techniques. This report will be the starting point for a user test.

  • You can manage groups better with a group management application download

    Knowledge base - Increasingly, people are working together in groups. For this reason, it is becoming more important to be able to manage groups simply within an institution. How do you do this, what types of groups are there, actually, and how do you keep it manageable within SURFconext? The ‘Group management’ infographic answers these questions.

  • Infographic: SURFconext utilisation 2015 (Publication) download

    Knowledge base - 2015 was another good year for SURFconext. There are more affiliated institutions and the service is being used more intensively. The number of unique users has increased by 31% over the last year, and the number of logins by 43%. See all the facts in this infographic.

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    UvA best practice: Data from various source systems available via the Open Education API in MyUvA app download

    Knowledge base - The ‘MyUvA’ student app combines data from the electronic learning environment, the student information system, the timetabling system and the UvA website. The Open Education API provides access to the data in a clear and organised manner. These data are initially available for use within the UvA and later also for external application developers.

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    Conclusions and results of 'CineGrid Outreach' project download

    Knowledge base - SURFnet is innovating in the field of 4K (UltraHD-quality video) and has carried out a number of activities relating to the CineGrid Amsterdam project. As a follow-up, a number of use cases were developed with (streaming) 4K in 2013 within the framework of the CineGrid Outreach project. These use cases focus on the medical sector.

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    Animated video about SURFconext Strong Authentication download

    Knowledge base - In August 2015, SURFconext launched its new functionality 'Strong Authentication', allowing institutions to more effectively secure access to cloud-based services linked to SURFconext. Better security is particularly critical for cloud services handling more sensitive data. Watch the animation about SURFconext Strong Authentication.

  • Infographic SURFconext Infrastructure download

    Knowledge base - In recent years, the use of SURFconext has increased significantly. More and more institutions are making use of SURFconext and the number of cloud services is also increasing. This infographic shows how the SURFconext infrastructure provides stability, even with an increase in the number of users and logins.

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    Best practice HAS University of Applied Sciences strengthens collaboration with SURF download

    Knowledge base - For the last 3 years or so, HAS University of Applied Sciences has been strengthening its collaboration with SURF. Not surprising perhaps, given the number of ICT challenges it faces. In the past HAS University of Applied Sciences only ordered software through SURFmarket, now it also uses SURFinternet and SURFconext.

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    Best practice NHL University of Applied Sciences: App for students download

    Knowledge base - Students of NHL University of Applied Sciences wanted easier access to information such as their own schedules and marks. So they asked their institution to create a mobile app (for Android and iOS) for this purpose. The institution responded by developing an app which also used SURFconext.

  • Report CineGrid Medical: The application of 4K to education in microscopic surgery download

    Knowledge base - On December 11th in 2013, SURFnet, UMC Utrecht, RUG, Plus Vorm and Waag Society performed their first, worldwide educational application of 4K to live surgery. In this publication, we have gathered the experiences and lessons learned from the project partners to aid in the understanding, reproduction, and scaling of the experiment.

  • Infographic: SURFconext 2014 download

    Knowledge base - 2014 was a good year for SURFconext. More institutions are members and the service is being used more intensively: the number of unique log-ins increased by 58 percent. Institutions are offering more and more of their services through SURFconext, which guarantees their users safe access to various cloud-based services.

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    Best practice Zuyd University of Applied Sciences: Smart data access with Open Education API and single sign-on download

    Knowledge base - Zuyd University of Applied Sciences decided to opt for a fundamentally different approach to the development of its new intranet. With all underlying source systems structured on the basis of Open Education API and a simplified log in procedure based around SURFconext single sign-on, the new intranet is both user-friendly and future-proof.

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    Best practice Avans University of Applied Sciences: Cross-border education with guest access via Onegini download

    Knowledge base - Consistent and uniform international rehabilitation education requires intensive online collaboration. How can we organise this type of cooperation without creating unnecessary administrative burdens? Thanks to the linkage between SURFconext and Onegini, Avans can now offer guest access through social media accounts such as Facebook or LinkedIn.