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  • Secure assessment workbook download

    Knowledge base - In order to support institutions in making the assessment process secure, SURFnet worked with experts from various institutions of higher education to develop this secure assessment workbook. This workbook offers institutions guidance on setting up the complete assessment process securely and applies to digital and paper assessments.

  • Assessment Security Selection Model download

    Knowledge base - With more and more digital assessment options coming at hand, many examination committees are wrestling with the question which tools provide the best security in a particular situation. When should you opt for 'bring your own device’ or online proctoring? To answer these questions SURFnet has developed the Assessment Security Selection Model.

  • Thematic issue: Innovations in digital assessment, assessment as an integral part of the learning process download

    Knowledge base - This thematic issue reports on the future of assessment methods. Six experts discuss the changes in educational assessment using digital technology. Examples are also given based on current SURF projects and good practices.

  • White paper Online proctoring. Questions and answers about remote proctoring. download

    Knowledge base - Online proctoring (or invigilation) offers opportunities for international and flexible education. However, there is limited experience with it in the Netherlands. Exam boards and other interested parties have questions about issues such as privacy and protection against fraud. This white paper answers these and other questions around this topic.

  • Thematic issue 'Open and online education – Assessment in open and online education edition' download

    Knowledge base - This thematic issue contains articles and intermezzos on the topic 'Assessment in open and online education'. SURF is publishing this thematic issue in close collaboration with the Open Education and Digital Assessment special interest groups.

  • Impact Assessment Report 'Digital testing: opportunities for higher education' download

    Knowledge base - This impact assessment report offers insight into digital testing based on the experience gained under the Testing and Test-Driven Learning programme (2010-2014). In short: collaboration on digital testing enhances the quality of testing in a variety of ways. Moreover digital testing seemingly contributes to learning achievements.

  • 'Joint use of cloud-based testing software' incentive scheme conclusions download

    Knowledge base - With SURF funding, various higher education institutions have experimented with the joint use of cloud-based testing software. Small-scale experiments have shown that cloud-based testing software provides opportunities for collaboration between institutions.

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    Conclusions and results of the ‘Secure testing in the cloud’ experiment download

    Knowledge base - The ‘Secure testing in the cloud’ experiment carried out research to see whether the Leerstation Zorg test environment is secure enough for summative testing. An important conclusion is that the supplier cannot be held solely responsible for security. Institutions themselves are responsible for correctly setting up the test workspaces.

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    Tool: Secure Test Environment download

    Knowledge base - Secure Test Environment 2.0 (STE) is a free tool for the creation of secure digital testing environment on Windows-based machines.