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  • Trend report 2016: how technological trends enable customised education download

    Knowledge base - SURFnet presents the latest trend report, which focuses on the theme of customised education. 44 Dutch experts in the field of education and ICT have sought out technological trends that enable customised education. This trend report describes 13 technological trends that may affect the content and design of education.

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    Case: Creative student/lecturer teams for Innovation Challenge 2015 download

    Knowledge base - The Innovation Challenge 2015 challenged students and lecturers to submit a proposal in which they use innovative ICT applications to promote flexible, personalised learning. The 10 winners were each given 10,000 Euros to put their plan into practice. The initial results will be published in June 2016.

  • Report HTML5 Video: in English download

    Knowledge base - This report discusses HTML5 video. HTML5 video is the first system enabling a video to be played directly in the browser, without using plug-ins, such as Flashplayer. The development community has a keen interest in HTML5 video, which seems destined to become the new standard for video on the web in the long-term.

  • Report Video Transcription for MediaMosa download

    Knowledge base - The report relates to the technology survey on video transcription. Not only is the demand for educational videos rising, so too is the demand for the improved usability of online video data. If video transcription techniques can help improve metadata and search options, this will, in turn, help to increase the usability of online video material.

  • SURF Magazine 03 (September 2010) download

    Knowledge base - In this edition of SURF Magazine you will read about cloud computing, privacy and data security.