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  • Case: High-speed link with digital test environment via light path download

    Best practice MBO Utrecht: from reactive to proactive network management download

    Knowledge base - Since September 2017, 2 locations of MBO Utrecht have been connected to SURFwireless. By choosing the new Wi-Fi network, MBO Utrecht has opted for proactive management and a future-proof service. Both students and lecturers are happy. "It works like a dream." Read the best practice.

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    Case: Using Jupyter Notebooks in an international summer school download

    Knowledge base - How do you give a group of students simple access to a simulation model used for training, without the need to install software on many different computers? Maarten Krol, professor of Meteorology and Air Quality at Wageningen University, is a big fan of using Jupyter Notebooks on SURFsara HPC infrastructure.

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    Case: Computer models in the fight against plastic soup download

    Knowledge base - The Ocean Cleanup wants to remove "plastic soup" from the oceans. This organisation has now received help in doing so from SURFsara, in the form of processor time on the Cartesius supercomputer. Now the effects of waves and currents can be better predicted.

  • Best practice Researchers at VU, VUmc and UvA share the facilities at the O|2 Lab Building download

    Knowledge base - Researchers from 3 institutions – Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU), VU University Medical Center Amsterdam (VUmc) and University of Amsterdam (UvA) – are working together in the same building on pioneering scientific research in the field of human life sciences. This working partnership requires collaborative support at ICT level too.

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    Case: Easy access to processing power for computational recommendation models download

    Knowledge base - Together with a group of master's students, university lecturer and researcher Flavius Frasincar from Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) is researching how recommendation systems for online financial news can be improved. Systems of this type automatically recommend news items to readers based on their reading profiles.

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    Best practice University of Amsterdam: SURFdrive is a valuable addition to other cloud storage services download

    Knowledge base - The University of Amsterdam is a keen user of the secure cloud storage service SURFdrive. What does this service mean for the University of Amsterdam? And what is the cause for the rapid growth in the number of users?

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    UvA best practice: Data from various source systems available via the Open Education API in MyUvA app download

    Knowledge base - The ‘MyUvA’ student app combines data from the electronic learning environment, the student information system, the timetabling system and the UvA website. The Open Education API provides access to the data in a clear and organised manner. These data are initially available for use within the UvA and later also for external application developers.

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    Best practice HAS University of Applied Sciences strengthens collaboration with SURF download

    Knowledge base - For the last 3 years or so, HAS University of Applied Sciences has been strengthening its collaboration with SURF. Not surprising perhaps, given the number of ICT challenges it faces. In the past HAS University of Applied Sciences only ordered software through SURFmarket, now it also uses SURFinternet and SURFconext.

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    Best practice NHL University of Applied Sciences: App for students download

    Knowledge base - Students of NHL University of Applied Sciences wanted easier access to information such as their own schedules and marks. So they asked their institution to create a mobile app (for Android and iOS) for this purpose. The institution responded by developing an app which also used SURFconext.

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    Best practice Methane dissociation as a source of hydrogen download

    Knowledge base - Hydrogen is a potential fuel available in virtually unlimited amounts. Prof. Dr. Geert-Jan Kroes, Professor of Theoretical Chemistry at the University of Leiden, is investigating a crucial part of the production process: dissociation of methane on metallic surfaces. Kroes has been allocated 25 million core hours on Cartesius for this research.

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    Best practice A better understanding of earthquakes using seismic data download

    Knowledge base - KNMI is the home of the European seismology data center of ORFEUS, the Observatories and Research Facilities for European Seismology. In 2014, KNMI/ORFEUS worked with SURFsara for data replication using the B2SAFE service. This has made research data easier to manage and more accessible within European, multidisciplinary research infrastructures.

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    Best practice How can you compute the probability of an extreme rise in sea level? download

    Knowledge base - The sea level is rising, but how much and where are the subject of debate. The goal of the interdisciplinary eSalsa team is to generate predictions that help us determine the risk of very high rises. Project leader Prof. Dr. Ir. Henk Dijkstra: “We see a significantly increasing risk of an extreme sea level rise in the North Sea area.”

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    Best practice Computer models show the formation of new blood vessels download

    Knowledge base - How do new blood vessels develop? This question is important for wound healing or in case of diseases such as cancer. The group of Prof. Dr. Roeland Merks, senior researcher at the National Research Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science CWI, works with models that use the National Compute Cluster Lisa.

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    Best practice Visualisation as an aid to genetic research download

    Knowledge base - Genetic research is an interdisciplinary field involving biologists, medical specialists, geneticists, neuroscientists and psychologists. Dr. Niels Cornelisse, Assistant Professor at the Center for Neurogenomics and Cognitive Research (CNCR) at VUmc, aims to improve communication between the various disciplines by using visualisation.

  • Best practice DIFFER: Seamless relocation thanks to light path download

    Knowledge base - The energy research institute DIFFER will relocate from Nieuwegein to Eindhoven this year. In order to make this relocation as easy as possible for the researchers, SURFnet has installed a light path between DIFFER’s old and new sites. This makes it feel as if both sites are on 1 local network. Read the best practice about SURFlichtpaden.