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  • Report CineGrid Medical: The application of 4K to education in microscopic surgery download

    Knowledge base - On December 11th in 2013, SURFnet, UMC Utrecht, RUG, Plus Vorm and Waag Society performed their first, worldwide educational application of 4K to live surgery. In this publication, we have gathered the experiences and lessons learned from the project partners to aid in the understanding, reproduction, and scaling of the experiment.

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    Conclusions and results of 'Non satis scire' project download

    Knowledge base - In the Non satis scire (‘To know is not enough’) project 13 universities addressed digital testing and assessment in secondary school teacher training programmes (earning students a first-level qualification) taught at universities. The project resulted in a shared library of tests, test matrices, test items and answer models.

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    Conclusions and results of 'Digital Testing for the Master's programme in Advanced Nursing Practice' project download

    Knowledge base - Three universities of applied sciences launched a joint, digital diagnostic pre-Master's test for the Master's programme in Advanced Nursing Practice (MANP). They also set up a digital test bank for pharmacology and developed a digital question type for clinical reasoning. Their collaboration on digital testing has contributed to enhancing quality.

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    Conclusions and results of Supra-institutional digital testing with testing software in the cloud experiment: What are the results? download

    Knowledge base - In this experiment, two institutions gained experience with the joint use of cloud-based testing software, and compared it to a non-cloud-based testing system. The institutions responded positively to the use of the cloud software.

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    Conclusions and results of 'Business Administration and Business Economics test and question bank' project download

    Knowledge base - In a project initiated by SURF five universities of applied sciences jointly devised 2,000 practice questions for tests including feedback for the programmes in Business Administration and Business Economics using a shared online testing environment.

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    Conclusions and results of 'Digital testing using images, an additional dimension' project download

    Knowledge base - Digital testing based on 3D images can be implemented safely and reliably on a large scale and enhances testing quality. That's the conclusion drawn by the project Digital image-based testing, an extra dimension. The digital progress test developed for image interpretation skills will become a fixed component of the advanced programme in radiology.

  • Final project report GigaPort3 download

    Knowledge base - Under the GigaPort3 innovation programme SURFnet has worked on innovating the network infrastructure and connecting e-infrastructure elements. SURFnet7 is among the projects that have been built under the programme. GigaPort3 had a total budget of EUR 37 million and ran until 2014.

  • Final project report SURFworks download

    Knowledge base - The SURFworks innovation project aimed to deliver a collaboration infrastructure for Dutch higher education and research institutions. Users should be able to collaborate securely and easily irrespective of the device used, the available ICT facilities or the location.

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    Conclusions and results of Tentamenlade 2.5 experiment download

    Knowledge base - This experiment involved making improvements to the Tentamenlade 2.5 pilot testing application developed by students in conjunction with supplier Sowiso, enhancing the quality and didactic value of the system. The Tentamenlade 2.5 application is also suitable both for long-term nationwide deployment and for a range of subjects in higher education.

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    Conclusions and results of PeerWise experiment: Student-generated items database download

    Knowledge base - In this experiment, students developed and assessed formative test questions using the PeerWise testing tool developed in New Zealand. Students and lecturers alike are enthusiastic about the process, and PeerWise is a suitable system for this method of formative testing. The system is not particularly suitable for supra-institutional collaboration.

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    Conclusions and results Twist experiment: Maths tests testing environment download

    Knowledge base - The Twist experiment investigated how Sowiso's cloud service can be deployed for supra-institutional access to a database with advanced maths assignments and tests, and the effects of outsourcing the administration to a commercial party. The cloud service proved to be a fully feasible alternative.

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    Conclusions and results of the Question Mark from the cloud experiment download

    Knowledge base - Three education institutions investigated the changes that affect technical management and system administration when an institution makes the switch from Question Mark Perception (QMP) ‘in house’ to QMP in the cloud. This investigation also encompassed the issue of security.

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    Conclusions and results of the ‘Secure testing in the cloud’ experiment download

    Knowledge base - The ‘Secure testing in the cloud’ experiment carried out research to see whether the Leerstation Zorg test environment is secure enough for summative testing. An important conclusion is that the supplier cannot be held solely responsible for security. Institutions themselves are responsible for correctly setting up the test workspaces.

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    Conclusions and results of the 'Testing visualised' project download

    Knowledge base - The 'Testing visualised' research project has shown that the testing of radiological image interpretation using 3D image questions scores better in a number of quality-related areas than testing using 2D images. The project also sheds more light on the knowledge and skills required for radiological image interpretation.

  • Conclusion of the 'Body of Knowledge and Skills (BoKS), expanding and connecting' project download

    Knowledge base - This project has expanded the metadata of the knowledge testing database of Leerstation Zorg. The database has also been expanded with items for the summative testing of medical higher professional education nursing courses. Existing test items have been collected, edited, revised and supplemented with additional metadata.