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  • Cloud Times #19 (2013): from cloud first to collaboration, unless download

    Knowledge base - On 9 december the CvDUR, CIO-beraad , COMIT and the SURF Cloud taskforce organised a meeting for ICT directors and CIOS to bring them up to speed on the latest activities in cloud computing and the results of the coordination in the cloud project.

  • Cloud Times #18 (2013) download

    Knowledge base - In this issue more about the third management consulation on cloud computing, where management staff received updates on the latest developments and discussed joint aspirations and how to remove obstacles.

  • Cloud Times #17 (2013) download

    Knowledge base - In this issue more about the i-strategy which outlines how institutes can make smarter use of the potential that cloud computing has to offer education and research. The strategy describes twelve shared objectives and promising initiatives suitable for collaboration either collectively or in smaller coalitions.

  • Cloud Times #16 (2013) download

    Knowledge base - "Close collaboration will be crucial if we are to respond to increasingly complex and – in some cases – far-reaching laws and regulations as efficiently and effectively as possible." - Jo van Ham, member of the Eindhoven University of Technology Executive Board and a member of the ICT and Business Management Platform Board

  • Cloud Times #15 (2013): SURFconext goes international download

    Knowledge base - “The tools of middleware being developed within SURFconext are an important step towards achieving a digital infrastructure environment in which researchers can share information securely.” – Norman Wiseman (lid senior managementteam van JISC)

  • Cloud Times #14 (2013) download

    Knowledge base - "The Coordination in the Cloud project will enable us to prepare for where the Netherlands and the institutions are headed, and to reap the greatest possible benefits from developments in the cloud." Paul Rullmann - Chairman of the Scientific Technical Council and member of the Coordination in the Cloud steering committee,

  • Cloud Times #13 (2013): Testing in the cloud download

    Knowledge base - “Cooperation between the institutions involved is second nature and knowledgesharing is widespread. The logical next step is to also start sharing at least some of the ICT infrastructure and human resources” – Anwar Osseyran (Director of SURFsara)

  • Cloud Times #12 (2012): Cloud computing meeting for ClOs and ICT directors download

    Knowledge base - “We’re sure that the cloud will be the best solution, because as a management organisation you simply can’t keep up with developments in any other way” – Jelgar de Wilde (Applications manager at Inholland University of Applied Sciences)

  • Cloud Times #11 (2012): Second Consultation Meeting on cloud computing download

    Knowledge base - “The Digital Learning and Working Environment (DLWE) is indisputably shifting towards the cloud. What does that mean for the institutions?” – Frans van Kalmthout (vice chairman of the Executive Board at Avans University of Applied Sciences)

  • Cloud Times #10 (2012): Privacy and ownership of data in the cloud download

    Knowledge base - “If the risks involved in storing data in the cloud are specified, we can arrive at a balanced judgment as to whether we want to or are able to make use of such cloud services” – Prof. Anja Oskamp (Rector Magnificus, Open University of the Netherlands)

  • Cloud Times #9 (2012): Digital learning and working environments and cloud computing download

    Knowledge base - “The first and most important step towards a digital market is to create a “cloud-friendly” Europe” – Neelie Kroes (EU Commissioner for the Digital Agenda)

  • Cloud Times #8 (2012): Coordination in the Cloud project download

    Knowledge base - “We want to involve every institution in the Coordination in the Cloud project. The more parties that contribute, the more we can achieve collaboration and speed things up” – Cees Brouwer (Vice-Chairman Executive Board of the Dutch Open University)

  • Cloud Times #7 (2012): Cloud first: SURF signs agreement with Google download

    Knowledge base - “Cloud services make you more flexible. No advance investment is required, you pay according to usage, and you aren’t tied to a service for a lengthy period" – Richard Oerlemans (CIO VU University Amsterdam and Chairman of the CIO Consultation Group)