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  • Whitepaper Cyber Crisis Exercise OZON download

    Knowledge base - The need for cyber crisis exercises in the education and research sector was clearly evident from the national exercise in 2016. The results and recommendations from this exercise have been published in a whitepaper, intended to serve as a guide for (ICT) policymakers and security specialists seeking to organize their own cyber crisis exercise.

  • White paper on open badges and micro-credentials download

    Knowledge base - Open badges are digital badges designed to show that the badge holder possesses certain knowledge or skills. In this white paper, SURFnet documents the possible opportunities offered by open badges in Dutch education, e.g. as an aid to micro-credentialing.

  • Whitepaper Customised education in 2016 download

    Knowledge base - A large number of institutions harbour the ambition of offering personal and flexible education. In the whitepaper Customised education in 2016, we defined 5 dimensions relate to what the students learn and how they learn. The dimensions could be helpful in developing your own vision.

  • White paper Online proctoring. Questions and answers about remote proctoring. download

    Knowledge base - Online proctoring (or invigilation) offers opportunities for international and flexible education. However, there is limited experience with it in the Netherlands. Exam boards and other interested parties have questions about issues such as privacy and protection against fraud. This white paper answers these and other questions around this topic.

  • White paper: Domain decomposition in shallow lake modelling for operational forecasting of flooding download

    Knowledge base - The time horizon of forecasts with RWsOS Meren is two days ahead. In this paper we investigate how to find a balance between low computational times per ensemble member and the efficient use of the available hardware (and energy) resources. Paper of Menno Genseberger, Edwin Spee (Deltares) and Lykle Voort (SURFsara).

  • White paper: Optimization of a Coupled Simulation with Delft3D-FLOW and SWAN for Informed Decision Making download

    Knowledge base - The applications Delft3D-FLOW and SWAN are used to simulate respectively water flow and water waves. These two applications have been coupled with Delft3D-WAVE and the combination of these three executables has been optimized on the Bull cluster Cartesius. PRACE White Paper of John Donners, Massimiliano Guarrasi, Andrew Emerson, Menno Genseberger.

  • White paper: Using SIONlib for Multi-petaflop/Exascale POSIX I/O in Bonsai download

    Knowledge base - This white paper describes a project to modify the I/O of the Bonsai astrophysics code to scale up to more than 10,000 nodes on the Titan system. A remaining bottleneck is the I/O: the creation of separate files for each MPI task overloads the Lustre metadata server. PRACE White Paper of John Donners, Jeroen B├ędorf.

  • White paper: Evaluating and Implementing Hybrid Approach for SPECFEM3D_GLOBE download

    Knowledge base - The entire project focused on an evaluation of the code for a possible introduction of OpenMP and its actual implementation and extensive tests. Major time consuming parts of the code were detected and thoroughly analysed. The most time consuming part was successfully parallelized using OpenMP. PRACE White Paper of Marcin Zielinski, John Donners.

  • White paper: Delft3D Performance Benchmarking Report download

    Knowledge base - The Delft3D modelling suite has been ported to the PRACE Tier-0 and Tier-1 infrastructure. The portability of Delft3D was improved by removing platform-dependent options from the build system and replacing non-standard constructs from the source. PRACE White Paper of John Donners, Adri Mourits, Menno Genseberger, Bert Jagers.

  • White paper: Forms of cooperation and licensing models for item banks download

    Knowledge base - This white paper (in Dutch) describes forms of cooperation and licensing models for digital item banks using actual case studies taken from practice. This paper may offer support for cross-institutional initiatives when selecting a long-term collaboration format.

  • White paper: Compositing in the cloud download

    Knowledge base - This paper describes a technical demonstration shown at the CineGrid International Workshop 2012 in which live film footage of an actress in front a green screen and a few physical elements was combined with a virtual set in real time. White Paper of Paul Melis, Meindert Kok, Harry Schreurs, Erik Ruiter, Paul Wielinga, and Tijs de Kler.

  • White paper Preparing an IPv6 Addressing Plan download

    Knowledge base - This white paper contains guidelines for creating a good numbering plan when migrating to IPv6. A good numbering plan is a system for allocating IPv6 addresses to locations and/or user types.

  • White paper Deploying DNSSEC download

    Knowledge base - This white paper covers the aspects involved in implementing DNSSEC validation on DNS resolvers. The white paper clearly shows that it is relatively easy to implement at little cost and moreover offers several benefits.

  • White paper: OpenFlow Services for Science download

    Knowledge base - Large-scale data intensive science requires global collaboration and sophisticated high capacity data management. A number of research organisations in several countries with major HPC facilities have been working together to design and implement a persistent international experimental research facility. Technical paper of Joe Mambretti, et al.

  • White paper: Multipathing with MPTCP and OpenFlow download

    Knowledge base - Data sets in e-science are increasing exponentially in size. To transfer these data sets we need to make efficient use of all available network capacity. This paper presents a prototype of a multipath network. Technical Paper of Ronald van der Pol, Sander Boele, Freek Dijkstra, Artur Barczyk, Gerben van Malenstein, Jim Hao Chen and Joe Mambretti.