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  • Best practice Guest access to eduroam for WUR visitors download

    Knowledge base - Institutions can set up a temporary account for visitors to access the eduroam network on their campus, thanks to eduroam Visitor Access. Wageningen University & Research (WUR) uses this service. Marco Otte, service manager at WUR: "Using eduroam Visitor Access we can easily give our visitors access to our wireless network."

  • Infographic on SURFconext usage 2016 download

    Knowledge base - SURFconext has again grown considerably in 2016. The total number of logins via the service exceeded 68 million, a 29% increase. Again more institutions have joined and the service is being used more intensively. The number of unique users went up by 22% in 2016. This infographic shows all the facts.

  • Animation SURFsara's services download

    Knowledge base - SURFsara creates a bridge between research and advanced ICT. For researchers whose own computer is inadequate to large-scale international research projects. Want to know what SURFsara can do for your research?

  • Report The Dutch National e-Infrastructure for Research download

    Knowledge base - This document provides a description of the Dutch National e-Infrastructure, how research support is organised and how access to ICT facilities can be obtained. The results are presented at the International Symposium on Grids and Clouds (ISGC) in March, 2016 in Taiwan. It is also published in the open access journal Proceedings of Science.

  • Customised education tool download

    Knowledge base - Customised education can take a number of different forms, which can always be defined in 5 dimensions from the student’s perspective. This tool helps you to lead the discussion within your institution around what customised education should look like and why.

  • Animated video Network function virtualisation in a virtual reality environment video

    Knowledge base - SURF conducts research into new network technologies that could enhance its network, including the virtualisation of network functions (NFV). During a demonstration at SuperComputing 2016, visitors wearing VR glasses used network functions to process their 3D image in a virtual reality environment. View the animated video.

  • Infographic Learning analytics in educational practice download

    Knowledge base - A better understanding of the learning process, targeted feedback to students and an improvement in education: that’s the thinking behind learning analytics. Learning analytics offers a wealth of opportunities, but how can it be applied successfully by a study programme or teacher? The infographic describes in 4 steps how to use learning analytics.

  • Use cases Life Science Grid download

    Knowledge base - The Life Science Grid (LSG) accommodates life scientists at Dutch universities and medical centers to perform data analysis or other computational work. Your work can vary in scale and type, from occasional analyses up to thousands of production jobs continuously, and on datasets ranging from a few gigabytes to hundreds of terabytes and beyond.

  • White paper on open badges and micro-credentials download

    Knowledge base - Open badges are digital badges designed to show that the badge holder possesses certain knowledge or skills. In this white paper, SURFnet documents the possible opportunities offered by open badges in Dutch education, e.g. as an aid to micro-credentialing.

  • Improving lecturers' ICT skills. Discussion paper with 7 recommendations download

    Knowledge base - Many institutions are keen to make their teaching more innovative. This requires lecturers to have good ICT skills. In this discussion paper, researchers Ineke Lam and Riekje de Jong from Utrecht University make 7 recommendations as to how colleges of higher education and universities can improve the ICT skills of their lecturers.

  • Case Discovering how consumers feel about brands download

    Knowledge base - PhD candidate Hang-Yee Chan from the Erasmus Research Institute of Management (ERIM) used SURFsara’s HPC Cloud to analyze neuroimaging data. He collected the data when volunteers watched brand logos inside an MRI scanner. “We were able to map out the connection between consumers' brain responses to brand logos and their opinions on those brands.”

  • Best practice SURFfilesender at STC-Group helpdesk download

    Knowledge base - Dutch education and research institutions can use SURFfilesender to send small and large files securely. STC-Group is one of the institutions using SURFfilesender. How does the helpdesk at STC-Group rate their experience of using SURFfilesender? Read the best practice.

  • Cyber Threat Assessment 2016 download

    Knowledge base - In Cyber Threat Assessment 2016 we list the most important cyber threats over the past year within education, research and business. This helps institutions to gain an insight into what is happening in the digital world. It allows them to take the right measures in order to strengthen their defences.

  • Whitepaper Customised education in 2016 download

    Knowledge base - A large number of institutions harbour the ambition of offering personal and flexible education. In the whitepaper Customised education in 2016, we defined 5 dimensions relate to what the students learn and how they learn. The dimensions could be helpful in developing your own vision.

  • Paper A flexible and personal learning environment: a modular functional model download

    Knowledge base - The flexible and personal digital learning environment is composed of a number of separate components. What data and functionalities do these components consist of, how are they connected and what standards are required to enable these components to work together in one integrated environment? This paper aims to answer these questions.