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  • Article Cloud Management Portals download

    Knowledge base - In this article, Fred Teunissen (trade journal ICT Magazine), explains the importance op Cloud Management Portals, of which SURF's SURFcumulus service is an example.

  • Blog series The network of the future download

    Knowledge base - In February and March 2017, we have published 5 blog posts about innovations in software, automation, orchestration and network function virtualisation (NFV). Which deployments will be facing us and the research and education institutions?

  • Infographic Connect to SURFwireless in 8 steps download

    Knowledge base - SURFwireless offers you Wi-Fi as a Service. This reduces your workload, because SURFnet takes care of procurement, maintenance and monitoring. Your institution remains closely involved with the Wi-Fi network. Connect to SURFwireless in 8 steps with the help of the SURFwireless team. Download the infographic.

  • SURF Innovation Report 2017 download

    Knowledge base - Every 4 years, SURF sets out its strategic policy aims in a Strategic Plan, mapped out in coordination with the affiliated institutions. The start of 2017 marks the halfway point of our current multi-year plan for 2015-2018. In this innovation report, we present a sampling of the innovative projects performed by SURF and its partners.

  • Infographic SURF demo environment personal and flexible learning environment download

    Knowledge base - To help institutions develop a flexible and personal learning environment consisting of an integrated set of applications, SURF has developed a pilot environment. In 2017 several suppliers and educational institutions will experiment in this environment. Read the infographic to learn about this pilot environment and what it can do for you.

  • Report Research support in the Netherlands - Eindhoven University of Technology download

    Knowledge base - Many institutions are involved in research support. SURF presents a series on how institutions organise their research support and future agenda and is based on SURF's Support4research innovation project. This episode focuses on Eindhoven University of Technology.

  • Vision document SURFnet vision on IAA: transition towards a user-centred focus download

    Knowledge base - SURFnet drafted a vision on Identification, Authentication and Authorisation (IAA) in 2016. The aim is to outline the developments in IAA and to invite institutions to discuss this subject. To SURFnet, the vision provides a foundation for innovation and service delivery.

  • Best practice Guest access to eduroam for WUR visitors download

    Knowledge base - Institutions can set up a temporary account for visitors to access the eduroam network on their campus, thanks to eduroam Visitor Access. Wageningen University & Research (WUR) uses this service. Marco Otte, service manager at WUR: "Using eduroam Visitor Access we can easily give our visitors access to our wireless network."

  • Infographic on SURFconext usage 2016 download

    Knowledge base - SURFconext has again grown considerably in 2016. The total number of logins via the service exceeded 68 million, a 29% increase. Again more institutions have joined and the service is being used more intensively. The number of unique users went up by 22% in 2016. This infographic shows all the facts.

  • Animation SURFsara's services download

    Knowledge base - SURFsara creates a bridge between research and advanced ICT. For researchers whose own computer is inadequate to large-scale international research projects. Want to know what SURFsara can do for your research?

  • Report The Dutch National e-Infrastructure for Research download

    Knowledge base - This document provides a description of the Dutch National e-Infrastructure, how research support is organised and how access to ICT facilities can be obtained. The results are presented at the International Symposium on Grids and Clouds (ISGC) in March, 2016 in Taiwan. It is also published in the open access journal Proceedings of Science.

  • Customised education tool download

    Knowledge base - Customised education can take a number of different forms, which can always be defined in 5 dimensions from the student’s perspective. This tool helps you to lead the discussion within your institution around what customised education should look like and why.

  • Animated video Network function virtualisation in a virtual reality environment video

    Knowledge base - SURF conducts research into new network technologies that could enhance its network, including the virtualisation of network functions (NFV). During a demonstration at SuperComputing 2016, visitors wearing VR glasses used network functions to process their 3D image in a virtual reality environment. View the animated video.

  • Infographic Learning analytics in educational practice download

    Knowledge base - A better understanding of the learning process, targeted feedback to students and an improvement in education: that’s the thinking behind learning analytics. Learning analytics offers a wealth of opportunities, but how can it be applied successfully by a study programme or teacher? The infographic describes in 4 steps how to use learning analytics.

  • Use cases Life Science Grid download

    Knowledge base - The Life Science Grid (LSG) accommodates life scientists at Dutch universities and medical centers to perform data analysis or other computational work. Your work can vary in scale and type, from occasional analyses up to thousands of production jobs continuously, and on datasets ranging from a few gigabytes to hundreds of terabytes and beyond.