MediaMosa is open source software which you can use to build a platform for Digital Asset Management (DAM). This software allows users to search, examine and add content. MediaMosa is based on the Drupal CMS and uses a REST architecture. A ready-made cloud variant, called MediaSalsa, is also available.

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Digital Asset Management

The open source software (under GPLv2 licence) MediaMosa enables you to build a state-of-the-art, scalable platform for digital asset management (also sometimes referred to as media asset management). Users can search, play and add content to this type of platform. The content may consist of video, audio, documents or photos. The functionality provided for content management includes storage (shared or not), metadata databases, transcoding and streaming services.

Managing access

MediaMosa offers advanced ways of managing access rights. For example, you can offer a group of students from one course access to a certain collection of content, whereas other users will be unable to access that content.


In MediaMosa you can assign extensive metadata to content. This functionality optimises content access and traceability for users.

Drupal CMS with REST architecture

The basis for MediaMosa is a Drupal CMS, with a Representational State Transfer-architecture (REST). This means that MediaMosa consists of a back-end and a front-end. The front-end is the website as displayed to the user, on which the user can access content. The front-end communicates with the back-end, which is where all the management processes, such as transcoding, storage, databases and media management run.

Practical examples

The following is a list of some of the websites that use MediaMosa:

Cloud variant: MediaSalsa

A ready-made cloud variant of MediaMose is available: MediaSalsa. The benefit of using MediaSalsa is that you do not need to install and manage the MediaMosa distribution yourself. You access MediaSalsa in the cloud, via SURFconext. You will then directly have access to both a back-end and a front-end. You can tailor the front-end to meet your own personal requirements.

MediaMosa Foundation

The MediaMosa Foundation was established to safeguard the development of MediaMosa. The foundation represents the interests of users and promotes the use of the MediaMosa software as well as its continued development. The organisation consists of a Board and a Users' Council comprising representatives from the MediaMosa community. Their task is to focus on the roadmap and the continued development of the code. Any institution or organisation that is interested in MediaMosa can participate in the MediaMosa Users' Council.