Memorandum: A flexible and personal learning environment. From separate components to a single whole: a survey

Many institutions of higher education are deliberating on the future of their digital learning environment. SURFnet is supporting the institutions in their quest. This memorandum describes the frameworks and components needed for a flexible and personal learning environment, as well as how these components can be integrated.

Studenten in gesprek aan tafel met laptop

A personal and flexible learning environment

SURFnet talked to representatives of institutions, technical and other experts and conducted a literature review to find out what is needed to design a personal and flexible learning environment. SURFnet looked at both the resources currently in place and what will still need to be developed in the future.

Description of components, integration infrastructure and various cases

The memorandum describes the learning environment components, and also sets out what is needed to integrate the various components. Aspects such as the standards are described and an explanation of the integration infrastructure is given. The cases relating to Inholland University of Applied Sciences, Erasmus University Rotterdam and Utrecht University demonstrate why these components are important.

Memorandum context

The memorandum examines the possibilities for integrating components to create a flexible and personal learning environment. Its purpose is to give institutional staff involved in the development and innovation of digital learning environments an overview of the options available and of relevant sources of information. Furthermore, it serves as the basis for further discussion and coordination.

Customised education

The memorandum is one of the results arising from the Flexible and personal learning environment project.