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07 NOV 2018

Want to work with us on the new SURF website? Help us make it the best possible site by joining the SURF website panel.

Building a new website together

Our corporate website is getting a facelift. With the new website, we want to show how proud we are of our unique cooperative. A few weeks ago, we asked for your help in classifying the subjects and areas of expertise in a logical manner, which helped us enormously. Thank you to all those who took part.

We'd like to hear your ideas and requests for the site more often. What information do you expect to see on the new site? What do you want to be able to see and do there? Your input helps us to create a website that meets your needs and expectations as far as possible.

The SURF website panel

Join the SURF website panel and we'll present you with regular progress updates over the next six months. You can decide whether you would like to take part each time we send you an invitation. Sometimes we'll ask you to choose between different screens online. Or we'll invite you to Utrecht or Amsterdam to do searches on the new website while we observe. Sign up via the button below!

To the website panel sign-up form

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