Ageing sea cables affect Dutch education and research

What does the Netherlands' key role in the European Internet have to do with intercontinental sea cables? Tweakers interviewed SURF, among others, about how we are at risk of losing this position and the importance of a new generation of cables for Dutch education and research.

Keeping the node rich

There are an estimated 483 sea cables worldwide, 2 of which come ashore in the Netherlands. In the past, they made the AMS-ix great and attracted companies, researchers and students. However, the cables need to be replaced to keep the hub rich. The question is, however, who will install new cables. Four parties, including SURF, therefore sent a letter to State Secretary Keijzer in May 2020. 

SURF's vision

This autumn, SURF will publish a report on the importance of marine cables for the Netherlands. SURF has for some time now been arguing for the importance of international sea cables landing in the Netherlands. You can read about what the basic principles are and why SURF thinks this is important in the Tweakers article (in Dutch).