Another 13 applications for computing time on the Supercomputer awarded

6 times a year NWO reviews applications for computing time for studies that compute with large amounts of data and have a duration of at least 2 years. In the last NWO round, 13 researches were awarded computing time. SURF supports the researchers in the use of the Supercomputer and the safe storage of the data.
Nationale computersystemen

Solving computational problems

Researchers use SURF's advanced national computing systems for their technical-scientific research that requires solving large computational problems. Their own institution's computing facilities are not always adequate for this type of calculation. To make the best possible use of the computer systems, substantive knowledge and expertise is also required. Supporting researchers in solving the complex computational problems is therefore an important part of SURF's services. 

Requesting computing time

As a researcher, you can request computing time for the national computer systems in 2 ways. The first route is via SURF, and involves small amounts of computing time for a project duration of one year. Applications for large amounts of computing time for a project duration of 2 years go through NWO and are assessed and awarded 6 times per year.

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