Another record for SURFconext: more than 6.7 million logins in first lecture week

In the first week of the new academic year, SURFconext set a new record with over 6.7 million logins. This is an increase of 27 percent compared to the previous record week in September 2019. A total of 891,441 unique users logged on to more than 1,200 services.
SURFconext weekrecord 2020

Day record: more than 1.4 million logins

In addition to more than 6.7 million logins in the first week, there was also a new daily record for SURFconext on Monday 31 August. There were 1,448,445 logins on this day via SURFconext. At the busiest times of the day, SURFconext processed more than 2,800 logins per minute.

Most often logged on to Xedule

Xedule, a planning and scheduling application, is used by many institutions. No wonder that last week this was the service to which most people logged in via SURFconext.

Corona no 'showstopper’

Despite corona, it appears that logging on to services has continued on a large scale. COVID-19 was therefore not a showstopper for the SURFconext services to education and research.

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