Archi research platform: let your voice be heard

Utrecht University and SURF are jointly investigating what a collaboration platform for researchers might look like. You can see what the idea entails on a demo website. We're very interested in your opinion!


How do you as a researcher best collaborate, and what tools do you expect to use? To investigate this further, Utrecht University and SURF commissioned the development of an idea. The outcome? An idea called Archi.  A platform that could become a virtual collaborative place for researchers in the future.


Who can help you with your research data, do I know people in my network who are specialized in what I need, and what tools are available to help me advance my research? Just a few questions that you, as a researcher, probably ask yourself from time to time. To solve this for you, we have had an idea for a platform developed: Archi. On this website you can get an idea of what the concept entails, and which parts have been conceived. The developers are very interested in your opinion.

Let us hear from you

The creators of the idea are very curious about your opinion. Would the idea help you with your research, or do you still miss things? Check out the website and the video that was made, and let your opinion be heard!

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