As of 1 July: SURF NOC

As of 1 July, the name of the SURFnet NOC will change. All correspondence will then be under the new name: SURF NOC. The e-mail address will also change. Nothing will change with respect to the services provided by the Network Operations Centre (NOC), but institutions may need to include the new e-mail address in their helpdesk systems.

Consequence of merger

In 2020, SURFmarket, SURFnet, SURFsara, and the SURF Office will have merged to form SURF. This will also be reflected in our communication with the institutions. We will implement changes whenever possible or logical. On 1 July the e-mail address for the SURF NOC will therefore also change to a SURF address:

How does it work again?

The SURF NOC is managed by our management partner Quanza Engineering. You report all malfunctions and planned maintenance relating to the SURF network to the NOC.

You can also contact the NOC with questions about current changes (modifications to the network) or incidents. If you contact the NOC, always report the ticket number, or keep this ticket number at hand if you contact the NOC by telephone.

New details as of 1 July 2021

The new SURF NOC data will be available from 1 July 2021:

Open 24 X 7
telephone: +31 88 787 36 60

This change may have consequences for the systems used by institutions. We therefore advise all institutions to check that the new e-mail address does not cause any problems or, for example, ends up in the spam folder.