eduID welcomes 10,000th user

This week, eduID celebrated a major milestone: the 10,000th eduID account was created! Since 2020, users without an institutional account can use eduID to log on to some services connected to SURFconext. It is also our ambition to develop eduID into an all-embracing digital student identity, independent of any institution.
Twee studenten in een open hal met een laptop

eduID for flexible education, student mobility and lifelong development

Education is becoming more digital and more flexible. Students want to shape their own educational career, which means that they want to take courses at other institutions. This creates logistical and administrative challenges for both the institutions and the students themselves. SURF therefore wishes to further develop eduID into a single digital identity that students can use at any educational institution: before, during and after their studies. We will of course do this together with the institutions in the form of pilots.

eduID in student mobility pilot: register for a course at another institution with a single click

In the autumn, the student mobility pilot within the Flexibilisation zone of the Acceleration Plan for Educational Innovation with ICT will be launched. The aim of this student mobility pilot is to enable students to register for a course at another institution with just one click. The registration and consent for digital data sharing between 2 institutions is done with eduID.

eduID part of edubadges service

Not all of the 10,000 eduIDs were created to log in to services via SURFconext. eduID is in fact also used in SURF's edubadges service, the platform for digital certificates for Dutch education. With the eduID, a student can identify himself and obtain the institution's badge. This edubadge is then assigned to the eduID. The edu badge remains available after graduation.

Still in development

The next few years will be characterised by the continued development of eduID. We will do this in close consultation with the institutions and important stakeholders such as the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and Studielink. In addition to the technical development of eduID, we are also in contact with various national and international initiatives.

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