Even better cooperation between Asia-Pacific and Europe thanks to expansion of Asia-Pacific-Europe Ring

KISTI, the South Korean research and education network, has joined the Asia-Pacific-Europe Ring (AER). Research and education institutions in the Netherlands are thereby, through the SURF network, even better connected with other institutions worldwide.
Ondertekening AER akkoord

The signing by Professor Bu Sung Lee, chairman AER steering committee (left) and Dr Buseung Cho, director KISTI (right).

This expansion will further develop and expand the network capacity between SURF and other Advanced Research and Education Networks (NRENs). This strengthens the backbone of the Asia-Pacific-Europe Ring with the advanced network infrastructure and expertise of this new partner and adds more capacity and stability to this 100G network ring.

Global research and education network

The Asia-Pacific-Europe Ring is part of the global research and education network that provides connectivity between all participating NRENs. Together, they coordinate management, introduce new network technologies and support bandwidth-intensive activities.

With this collaboration, the SURF network is part of an highly reliable and superfast network for research and education. And not just for education, researchers and academics in the regions of participating countries, but worldwide.

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Schematic representation of the Asia-Pacific-Europe Ring.

Schematic representation of the Asia-Pacific-Europe Ring.

More information

Read more about the Asia-Pacific-Europe Ring expansion in the press release.