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SURF Research Access Management enables Dutch educational and research institutions to provide simple yet secure access management to online services for research collaborations. Help your researchers: connect to this new SURF service now!

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Researchers are increasingly working together: within their own institution, with other institutions or companies and at home and abroad. Joint ventures then require secure access to (cloud) applications, computing clusters, datasets, or data storage. SURF Research Access Management is an 'Authentication and Authorisation Service as a Service' for researchers and research support staff. It provides secure access and uses institutional identities where possible.


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Efficient access management

Devising, setting up and maintaining secure access for new research projects is often a complex and time-consuming task. SURF Research Access Management makes access management more efficient. Researchers therefore spend less time on this and can devote more of their valuable time to their research.

Link your institution to SURF Research Access Management via SURFconext

You can already link your institution to SURF Research Access Management via SURFconext. This has many advantages. Researchers at your institution can then log in with their own institutional account if they are invited for a research collaboration. This is free of charge and can be done directly via the SURFconext Dashboard. See which institutions are already linked.

Want to start your own research collaboration? Request SURF Research Access Management!

If your institution purchases SURF Research Access Management, you can create research collaborations in SURF Research Access Management. This will enable you to secure and simplify access to research services. The institutional contact person (ICP) at your institution can request this service via the SURF Dashboard. SURF Research Access Management is included in the basic package of services provided by universities of applied sciences, universities of applied sciences, and research centres, and involves no additional charges.

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