How to stimulate e-infrastructure with partnerships

A good e-infrastructure is vital for research. Erik Fledderus (SURF) sees partnerships as an important way of organising that e-Infrastructure and developing it in consultation with users.
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Structural troubleshooting

A partnership is an agreement that solves issues that are beyond the level of the user, the day-to-day work. Without partnerships, researchers have to solve problems on an ad hoc basis, while a partnership solves practical problems on a structural basis.

Horizontal and vertical partnerships

Fledderus distinguishes two types of partnerships:

  • horizontal, in which national e-Infrastructure services (such as SURF) work together with local facilities
  • vertical, in which e-infrastructures and user communities work together

From national to international

You should first set up partnerships at national level, and then extend them to the European level. e-IRG, a strategic consultative body on e-Infrastructure in Europe, discusses how best to organise this. This leads, among other things, to advice to member states and the European Commission.