Lack of digital mainport policy threatens more than 3 million jobs

The Netherlands is being surpassed as the digital mainport of the world; time for fundamental choices. The Dutch digital infrastructure is an important driver for digitalisation, jobs and economic growth.
Digitale mainport

Impact mainport on the Dutch economy

In 2019, every 1 euro of revenue generated 15 euros in added value for the Dutch economy. The impact of the mainport on the Dutch economy totals 460 billion euros, 60% of GNP, and 3.3 million jobs.

Sector importance under review

This is evident from figures from The METISfiles and PB7, which were commissioned by the parties AMS-IX, Dutch Data Center Association, DHPA, ISPConnect, SURF and with the cooperation of Rabobank to examine the importance of the sector. These parties are representatives of the digital foundation of networks, internet hubs, data centres, cloud and hosting parties.



“New discoveries and innovation are made possible by the digital transformation in research and science. This requires good digital infrastructures. The Netherlands' strong starting position is under pressure. Therefore, it is important that the Dutch government now formulates a vision. In doing so, attention must also be paid to safeguarding public values and these values must be translated into principles, for example for ownership of and access to data."
Erwin Bleumink, Board member, SURF

Report The Future of the Digital Economy

The METISfiles and PB7 have been commissioned by the Stichting Digitale Infrastructuur Nederland (DINL) to investigate the importance of the 'digital infrastructure' sector. The results were published in the report: 'The Future of the Digital Economy - Time for Fundamental Choices', containing a number of recommendations for the government.