Making research data accessible by building the neutral Amsterdam Data Exchange platform

SURF is one of the partners in setting up the innovative Amsterdam Data Exchange (AMdEX) platform. This is a neutral, non-commercial digital infrastructure on which data can be shared in a controlled and secure manner. SURF is already developing the first applications.
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Maintaining control of data

Many organisations would like to share data, but don't do so because they have no control over what happens to their data. The AMdEX is an innovative infrastructure that aims to enable secure and reliable data exchange without allowing third parties to collect and store these data. This has the potential to make data more accessible for researchers and for innovations (e.g. artificial intelligence), with (very important!) the permission of, and on the terms of the data owners.

SURF’s Research Data Exchange

As part of AMdEX, SURF is working on the Research Data Exchange, which allows (often confidential) data to be shared with others to a limited extent and subject to conditions. This will support scientists during the entire scientific research cycle: when they collaborate on projects, when third parties re-use data, or when they create data publications. Throughout the entire process, the data owner maintains control and ownership of their data.

Building an AMdEX ecosystem

This innovation is a collaboration between the Amsterdam Economic Board, University of Amsterdam (UvA), SURF, Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) and deXes. AMS-IX, together with the other partners, is building the first phase of the infrastructure and will manage it, including expanding the ecosystem of connected AMdEX parties. The UvA conducts fundamental research in the field of generic, programmable architectures for sharing data. In addition, the UvA, DeXes - supplier of data marketplaces - and SURF are developing the first applications on the AMdEX. We are working towards a small-scale pilot that can be carried out later this year.


This project is funded to an amount of EUR 1.5 million by the 5 initiators. In addition, EUR 1.2 million in funding has been raised through the Opportunities for West programme (European Regional Development Fund) and EUR 3 million in funding from the province of North Holland is in the pipeline. In time, AMdEX should be able to support itself through membership fees.

Project team SURF

Freek Dijkstra
Axel Berg
Hylke Koers