New record for SURFconext: more than 3.6 million logins in first lecture week

In the first week of the new academic year SURFconext reached a new record again, in line with tradition. Last week more than 3.6 million logins occurred through SURFconext - an increase of more than 38 percent compared to the previous record week in September 2017.

Daily record: 749,542 logins

Besides reaching over 3.6 million logins in the first week, the daily record has also been broken for SURFconext on Monday 3 September. During that day, 301.416 unique users logged in 749,542 times using SURFconext. Never before have so many different users been active on one day at SURFconext.

Explosive growth at SURFsecureID too

Not only SURFconext grew strongly. For SURFsecureID, the new name of SURFconext Strong Authentication, the new academic year also took off well. The two-factor service processed 47,168 logins during the first week of the academic year and is used by 16 institutions.

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