New software framework for 3D visualisation of blood cells

Together with Electric Ant Lab we developed a software environment for 3D visualisation of suspension simulations, such as red and white blood cells. This framework, that we called susivis, can be used in Jupyter notebooks.
Red and white blood cell visualisation

One of the reasons to use Jupyter notebooks is the ease in which a textual explanation of the data, processing and visualization of the data can be done within one notebook, saved to a notebook file and shared with anyone who might be interested in the results of a complex fluid simulation.

Electric Ant Lab is a private research laboratory providing consulting and simulation services in the field of rheology and transport of complex fluids. The work was part of the Fortissimo 2 project Hemosphere. Fortissimo 2 enables European SMEs to be more competitive globally through the use of simulation services running on a high performance computing (HPC) cloud infrastructure.

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