New supercomputer to be named Snellius

SURF's new national supercomputer will be named after the famous Dutch scientist Snellius, who is known in the English-speaking world as Snell. The largest and fastest supercomputer in the Netherlands will become available to Dutch science this summer. The name was chosen partly because of its association with the word 'snel' (Dutch for 'fast').

Mathematician Willebrord Snel van Royen

Portret van Willebrord Snel van Royen

Willebrord Snel van Royen (Leiden, 1580-1626), also known by his Latin name Snellius, was a Dutch mathematician and physicist, humanist, linguist and astronomer. He was professor of mathematics at Leiden University from 1613 until his death in 1626. He is best known for Snell's law, named after him, which indicates how light rays are broken when light passes through different materials (e.g. from air to glass, as in the image above).

Snellius most powerful supercomputer in the Netherlands

In the beginning of February, we announced that we would start building the new supercomputer. The supercomputer, supplied by Lenovo, will give scientific research in the Netherlands even more computing power. The system will have a peak performance of 14 petaflop/s, making it the most powerful high-performance computing system in the Netherlands.

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