NWO grants 24 applications for Computing Time on the National Computer Facilities

The advanced national computer systems are used for technical-scientific research in which major computational problems need to be solved and where the computational facilities of the individual institutions are inadequate.
Jonge onderzoeker in laboratorium achter computer

In the Netherlands, several systems are available for national use and are hosted by SURF. Via the Call Computing Time on National Computer Systems, researchers can request computing time on one of the national computer systems. Applications can be submitted on a continuous basis. Computing time, storage, and support can be requested on the following computer systems: HPC Cloud, Lisa computing cluster, Cartesius supercomputer (or successor), Data Processing (Grid, Spider), and Custom Cloud Solutions. Researchers can request large amounts of computing time for a project duration of two years via NWO. Small amounts of computing time for a project duration of one year can be requested directly from SURF.

Following the 181st meeting of the WGS (3 March 2020), NWO granted 19 applications for computing time:

Dr. ir. M.A. van der Veen (TUD)
Metal-organic frameworks for ferroelectric memories and piezoelectric energy harvesting’
Cartesius: 1.920.000 SBU

Dr. A. Bieberle-Hütter (DIFFER)
‘Improving Water Splitting by Density Funtional Theory Calculations’
Cartesius: 12.000.000 SBU

Prof. D. Lohse (UT)
‘Thermally driven multiphase turbulence’
Cartesius: 29.949.600 SBU

Dr. A. Casas Salleras (UvA)
‘Europeans Exposed to Dissimilar Views in the Media: Investigating Backfire Effects’
HPC Cloud: 500.000 SBU + 20 TB data storage

Dr. S. Epskamp (UvA)
‘Cloud-computing environments of psychonetrics lab and workshops’
HPC Cloud: 904.032 SBU

Dr. J.A. Templon (Nikhef)
‘Computing for VIRGO’
Grid Data Processing: 12.000.000 SBU + 100 TB/year tape storage + 100 TB/year disk storage

Dr. J.A. Templon (Nikhef)
‘Netherlands LHC Tier-1’
Grid Data Processing: 56.000.000 SBU + 7077 TB disk storage

Prof. dr. A.M.J.J. Bonvin (UU)
‘High Throughput Computational Structural Biology through the WeNMR services.’
Grid Data Processing: 8.000.000 SBU + 1 TB/jaar disk storage

F. Concha-Ramirez, MSc (UL)
‘External photoevaporation shapes the distributions of circumstellar disk sizes in young star clusters’
Cartesius: 4.000.000 SBU

Prof. dr. W.P. Schellart (VU)
‘Numerical modelling of mountain building and continental deformation at subduction and collision zones’
Cartesius: 4.643.000 SBU

Prof. H.J.A. Röttgering (UL)
‘Realising the LOFAR surveys and opening up a new window on the Universe’
Grid Data Processing: 2.000.000 SBU + 300 TB/year disk storage + 600 TB/year tape storage

Dr. R.W.A. Havenith (RUG)
‘Quantum chemical studies of condensed matter systems’
Cartesius: 4.252.000 SBU

Prof. dr. ir. P.J. de Jong (Nikhef)
‘Computing for (Proto)DUNE’
Grid Data Processing: 9.000.000 SBU + 1,2-1,9 PB/year disk storage

Dr. H.J. Risselada (UL)
‘Multiscale simulations of membrane processes’
Cartesius: 100.000 SBU

Prof. C. Bezzina (AMC-UvA)
‘The genetic underpinnings of cardiac disorders’
Cartesius: 4.480.000 SBU

Prof. dr. J. Oomens (RUN)
‘Molecular Structure and Dynamics’
Cartesius: 5.000.000 SBU & Lisa: 100.000 SBU

Prof. dr. ir. N.G. Deen (TUE)
‘CFD of multiphase flows’
Cartesius: 3.890.000 SBU

Prof. C. Filippi (UT)
‘Computational Chemical Physics Twente’
Cartesius: 16.300.000 SBU

Dr. M. Biagetti (UvA)
‘Cosmic Origins from Simulated Universes’
Cartesius: 1.500.000 SBU + 100 TB data storage

Following the 182nd meeting of the WGS (21 April 2020), NWO granted 5 applications for computing time:

Prof. D.P. Solomatine (TUD)
‘High Performance Computing for Sustainable Water Resources Management’
Cartesius: 500.000 SBU + 2 TB data storage & HPC Cloud: 450.000 SBU + 12 TB data storage

Ir. J.A. van Hooft (TUD)
‘Tree Drag’
Cartesius: 905.000 SBU + 3 TB data storage (2 TB longterm + 1 TB scratch)

Dr. ir. A. Rezaeiha (TUE)
‘Optimization of wind energy harvesting in urban areas’
Cartesius: 9.941.760 SBU + 45 TB data storage

Prof. dr. ir. T.J.G. Ettema (WUR)
‘Puzzle Cell’
Cartesius: 1.000.000 SBU & Lisa: 600.000 SBU

J.C.M. Dullaart, MSc (VU)
‘A global coastal flood risk assessment’
Cartesius: 2.500.000 SBU + 200 TB data storage

Small computing time grants

In the period from January to April 2020, SURF also granted 149 small computing time applications: 97x Cartesius, 6x Lisa, 34x HPC Cloud, 4x Custom Cloud Solutions, 12x Data Processing (Spider, Grid) (4 projects use multiple systems). An overview of these granted applications can be found on the NWO website.