• First SURFnet8 migration on production network is successful

    News - During the night of 22/23 August, engineers from Quanza and SURFnet migrated the first branch in SURFnet's production network. This represents an important step in the implementation of our new optical layer!

  • ECI Telecom wins selection for optical layer of SURFnet8

    News - A tender for the optical layer of SURFnet8 has been awarded: ECI Telecom was selected as the best candidate. In 2017, ECI Telecom and SURFnet will start migrating the present optical network, after which the institutions will be able to count on 100 Gbit/s connectivity and automatic recovery of optical channels.

  • India's research network connected to NetherLight

    News - The National Knowledge Network (NKN) in India is now connected to NetherLight, SURFnet's open lightpath exchange. Dutch teaching and research institutions can now exchange data at high speed with more than 1,600 universities and research institutions in India.

  • New tendering procedure for the SURFnet8 service layer

    News - In June, 2 Requests For Proposals (RFP) for SURFnet8 were issued: one for the photonic layer and one for the service layer. A new tendering procedure for the service layer will be launched because the number of qualified parties was insufficient for the competitive dialogue. This will not affect the procedure for the photonic layer.

  • SURFnet8 Requests For Proposals opened

    News - SURFnet has published two Requests For Proposals (RFP) for SURFnet8. SURFnet8 allows SURFnet to continue to provide a highly-advanced network to its associated organisations in the near and more distant future. The RFPs describe what the new SURFnet8 network will look like.

  • Date for the handover of SURFnet operational network management decided

    News - Quanza is taking over operational network management of the SURFnet network from Telindus. The transition between the two parties will take place on 15 June. As a result, there will be a freeze on the network from 8 to 22 June, making it temporarily impossible to implement any changes. Disruptions and incidents will be handled during this period.

  • Quanza named new partner for SURFnet operational network management

    News - SURFnet has completed the tendering procedure for operational network management, selecting Quanza Engineering as its new partner for the period ahead. Complex network management has been transferred to the Network Management Expert Team within SURFnet.

  • Milestone: First international terabit connection in production

    News - On 21 January, for the first time, SURFnet took an international network link with a capacity of over one terabit into production. The capacity of 1 terabit per second is seen as a milestone because such speeds make the behaviour of fibre-optic cables and optical amplifiers even more critical.