• SURF Legal Standards Framework for (Cloud) Services – English version

    News - The SURF Legal Standards Framework was amended in October 2016. A number of legal documents were incorporated into the Framework in an annex. The Framework was also made clearer. Practical guides are now provided on various topics. Due to numerous requests, the document and its annexes are now also available in English.

  • International spotlight on Dutch govroam rollout

    News - In its online magazine Joinup, the European Commission has devoted an extensive article to the advent of govroam in the Netherlands. The government version of eduroam, govroam ensures civil servants secure and easy access to Wi-Fi networks at government organisations.

  • Standard used by eduroam for Wi-Fi access now compulsory for government bodies

    News - The Dutch National Consultation on Digital Government decided on 2 February to put WPA2 Enterprise (the standard used by eduroam for secure access to Wi-Fi networks) on the 'apply or explain' list. This obliges Dutch government bodies and semi-public institutions to support this standard for their WiFi networks.