• SURF Legal Standards Framework for (Cloud) Services – English version

    News - The SURF Legal Standards Framework was amended in October 2016. A number of legal documents were incorporated into the Framework in an annex. The Framework was also made clearer. Practical guides are now provided on various topics. Due to numerous requests, the document and its annexes are now also available in English.

  • SURFsara obtains ISO 27001 certification for information security

    News - On 2 December, SURFsara obtained ISO 27001 certification for information security. Purchasers of our services need to be confident that the research data and other confidential information stored and processed by SURFsara is in safe hands.

  • Successor to Safe Harbor: Privacy Shield has come into force

    News - The EU and the United States have reached a new agreement on the exchange of data (personal data). The so-called Privacy Shield was approved by the European Commission on 12 July and has come into force immediately. The Privacy Shield is the successor to Safe Harbor, which was declared invalid in October 2015.

  • From Safe Harbor to Privacy Shield

    News - Since the European Court of Justice declared Safe Harbor to be invalid in October 2015, there have been many questions and some confusion about the exact procedure for sharing personal data with the United States. The unveiling of the 'EU-US Privacy Shield', the successor to Safe Harbor, is the latest development in this field.