• Roland van Rijswijk-Deij defends his PhD thesis on improving DNS Security

    News - On June 28, Roland van Rijswijk-Deij (SURFnet and University of Twente) will be defending his PhD thesis entitled 'Improving DNS Security: A Measurement-Based Approach'. In his thesis, he investigates the use of elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) in combination with DNSSEC. He also designed a system for large-scale measurements on the DNS.

  • Research data zones improve collaboration on data-intensive research

    News - Last week, the SURF innovation project Research Data Zone was launched. The UvA/HvA and SURF are collaborating on a campus network infrastructure that is optimised for sending research data. The aim is to create a blueprint for a research data zone architecture so researchers can more easily collaborate on data-intensive research.

  • Roland van Rijswijk-Deij wins international prize for research into elliptic curve cryptography

    News - Roland van Rijswijk-Deij (SURFnet and University of Twente) has been awarded the Applied Networking Research Prize by the IRTF (Internet Research Task Force). He investigated the use of elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) in combination with DNSSEC.

  • ECI delivers new photonic layer for SURFnet network

    News - Following the award of the tender in October, on 16 December ECI and SURFnet signed a contract for the photonic layer of the SURFnet network. The next generation of the SURFnet network, SURFnet8, will feature ECI's extremely high-speed (100 Gbit/s) Apollo platform for optical channels and the latest ROADM technology.

  • Overview of ports, network services purchased and traffic graphs

    News - The SURFnet Network Dashboard provides institutions with an overview of all SURFnet network services. In the first release, infrastructure managers and infrastructure administrators can view ports, network services purchased and traffic graphs.

  • Institutions available at all times thanks to 15 redundant PoPs

    News - A total of 15 redundant PoPs (points of presence) have been established as a means of making the SURFnet network even more reliable for institutions connected to SURFnet. These additional connections to the national network render institutions in city ring areas available at all times.

  • Date for the handover of SURFnet operational network management decided

    News - Quanza is taking over operational network management of the SURFnet network from Telindus. The transition between the two parties will take place on 15 June. As a result, there will be a freeze on the network from 8 to 22 June, making it temporarily impossible to implement any changes. Disruptions and incidents will be handled during this period.

  • Try the beta version of the SURFnet Network Dashboard

    News - The beta version of the SURFnet Network Dashboard is now available. It offers institutions insight into the use of the ports and services (SURFinternet and SURFlichtpaden). Later releases will also include self-service features, such as setting up light paths.

  • Quanza named new partner for SURFnet operational network management

    News - SURFnet has completed the tendering procedure for operational network management, selecting Quanza Engineering as its new partner for the period ahead. Complex network management has been transferred to the Network Management Expert Team within SURFnet.

  • Institutions discuss network trends during busy Network Café event

    News - What are institutions working on in the area of networks? How do new SURFnet services feed into them? And what else would institutions like to see? These were key questions during the well-attended Network Café on 28 January.

  • Milestone: First international terabit connection in production

    News - On 21 January, for the first time, SURFnet took an international network link with a capacity of over one terabit into production. The capacity of 1 terabit per second is seen as a milestone because such speeds make the behaviour of fibre-optic cables and optical amplifiers even more critical.