• Badgr selected as platform for proof-of-concept with open badges

    News - SURFnet has selected the Badgr open source platform for its proof-of-concept to allow institutions to experiment with creating and awarding open badges. Under this agreement, the participating institutions have access to the latest version of Badgr, while SURFnet will contribute to future development of the platform and the open badge standard.

  • Join the Learning & Student Analytics Conference

    News - Learning & Student Analytics is steadily making its way from research to practice. To promote the available evidence, technology and many examples of good practices, the Amsterdam Center for Learning Analytics (ACLA) and the Eduworks-Network are organising a Learning & Student Analytics Conference, October 26 and 27 at the University of Amsterdam.

  • SURF invites nominations for changemakers in education

    News - For the second year in a row, SURF is inviting vocational education and training institutions, universities of applied sciences and research universities to nominate changemakers for the SURF Education Awards. Through these awards, SURF recognises the efforts of innovators who use ICT to enhance education.

  • Farshida Zafar, Jan Haarhuis and Anka Mulder win the first SURF Education Awards

    News - During The Education Days 2016 (Dé Onderwijsdagen 2016), SURF announced the winners of the first SURF Education Awards. In the teacher category, Farshida Zafar was the biggest change maker, Jan Haarhuis in the ICT and educational professionals category, and Anka Mulder in the board member category.

  • Fix Your Vowels wins Google Glass experiments

    News - Don a pair of Google Glasses and improve your pronunciation of Spanish vowels. Fix Your Vowels by the University of Amsterdam (Faculty of Humanities) has won a competition for the most ingenious and promising experiment with Google Glass. In 2015, four educational institutions investigated how Google Glass could benefit education.