• SURF contributes to the fastest network in the world

    News - Every year, the experimental SCinet network is built for the SC-conference (Super Computing). SCinet is with 3Tbps the fastest network in the world. SURF contributed to build SCinet and used the network for a demo of network function virtualization.

  • New tender for the SURFnet8 service layer published

    News - The new tender for the SURFnet8 service layer was published on Thursday 1 December. SURFnet is looking for a partner that will provide network equipment and software for the SURFnet network service layer. Suppliers can respond to the tender until 31 January 2017.

  • ECI Telecom wins selection for optical layer of SURFnet8

    News - A tender for the optical layer of SURFnet8 has been awarded: ECI Telecom was selected as the best candidate. In 2017, ECI Telecom and SURFnet will start migrating the present optical network, after which the institutions will be able to count on 100 Gbit/s connectivity and automatic recovery of optical channels.

  • New tendering procedure for the SURFnet8 service layer

    News - In June, 2 Requests For Proposals (RFP) for SURFnet8 were issued: one for the photonic layer and one for the service layer. A new tendering procedure for the service layer will be launched because the number of qualified parties was insufficient for the competitive dialogue. This will not affect the procedure for the photonic layer.

  • SURFnet8 Requests For Proposals opened

    News - SURFnet has published two Requests For Proposals (RFP) for SURFnet8. SURFnet8 allows SURFnet to continue to provide a highly-advanced network to its associated organisations in the near and more distant future. The RFPs describe what the new SURFnet8 network will look like.