Open call: quantum cryptography for research 2023

SURF invites researchers from member institutions to apply for consultancy for the development of quantum cryptography use cases. This to safeguard the transmission, processing and storage of sensitive data into the future.
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Purpose of the call
With the development of quantum computers, it is expected that the current most widely used encryption algorithms will no longer be secure in the future. Applications with sensitive data, where the security of encryption is paramount, will then have to start migrating to "quantum safe" encryption methods. Quantum key distribution is one such method that is undergoing rapid development. SURF is interested in understanding how best to deploy this emerging technology, in which scientific workflows it could be integrated into, and what the resource requirements would be. To explore these questions, we are looking for research workflows which currently involve the handling of sensitive data, and which could be amenable to alternative encryption methods.

What we ask
- State a clear use case.
- Explain the general workflow of the application: at what stage is the encryption employed?
- Briefly outline the expected resource requirements (for example, the rate of consumption of encryption keys).

What we offer
- In-kind support and consultancy for the development of a use case for quantum cryptography. This support is contingent on a willingness from the applicant to collaborate on the development of the use case.

How to apply
Interested as a researcher to collaborate? Send your project description to: