Open consultation for the National roadmap for Persistent Identifiers

To counterfragmentation of identifiers in the international landscape of research information, the demand for a national roadmap for PIDs arose. The open consultation gives you the opportunity to express your interest in the development of the national PID roadmap. You can respond until 21 March 2022.


For the development of the national approach, a PID Working Group was initiated in September 2021 that works on the roadmap under the guidance of a PID Advisory Board. The roadmap is intended as an instrument to strengthen coherence between the developments of stakeholders and to increase the impact through the deployment of PIDs. 

Partners involved are UKB, NWO, KNAW DANS, Leiden University/CWTS, UU, eScience Center and 4TU.ResearchData. Because we know that not all stakeholders are represented with these partners, we ask everyone to give input on the open consultation. Through the open consultation we offer everyone the opportunity to express his/her interest in the development of the national PID roadmap. 

Respond before 21 March 2022

Use the form to give your reaction on the document ‘Towards a national PID roadmap’.